Flower Essences Vs Essential Oils

Before I get into this, I'm afraid the title sounds like I'm down on oils, especially to those who live to use them. That's not the case at all, I use essential oils and think they have their place. They cover territory that essences do not and vice versa. Because there seems to be so much confusion around flower essences, I'm simply opting to lay out what they are by a comparison to something familiar to most, and help explain to the uninitiated why they are not the same thing.

Here's a brief overview, and I'll expand further on some of my points below.  

Flower Essences

  • Usually taken internally
  • No scent except brandy preservative
  • Made ONLY from flowers
  • Purely energetic means of healing
  • Water based
  • Completely safe for all

Essential Oils

  • Usually used externally or via inhalation
  • Highly fragrant
  • Made from any aromatic parts of plant
  • Biochemical means of healing
  • Oil based
  • Some safety contraindications

Internal vs External

To elaborate on internal vs external, you can use either substance either way. However, getting the best results from essences will usually happen taken internally, and with oils, the best way is inhalation or externally.

With essences, it's easier for most people to use it regularly by sipping a drink with essences added throughout the day.  Every sip is refreshing and recharging the frequency into every cell of your body. 

There are proponents of using oils internally and they are almost without exception, MLM reps. Trained aromatherapists will advise you of the long term issues with ingestion and why the oil passing through your digestive system is an inferior method. Here's a well broken down post by someone with no bias. Even the comments are informative. Here's another from Robert Tisserand. 

Essential oils can also be at their most effective when airborne, depending on what your needs are, hence the reason I personally use good diffusers.  

Safety and Purity

This is a huge issue in the essential oil world.  There is adulteration of oils out there, you have to know your way around the processing, and no, there is not only one company that is "the good one."  Wading through the misinformation and slimy marketing has caused some people to give up and come to essences exclusively.

However, if you're only using one or the other, you're missing out. 

Oil safety is another area of misperception.  Dilute/don't dilute, internal is bad/add it to your water, don't give it to your cat and then all of the issues around pregnancy, age and health issues.  

All flower essences are safe for all living things.  The only issue you can run into is too many emotions flooding out too quickly known as the healing crisis. 

The Healing Differences

Essential oils can help emotionally, spiritually and physically.  I notice them the most physically.  Many are anti-microbial, they can help you kick colds and are great for skin and hair care as well as many other physical concerns. That's not true of flower essences.

Flower essences affect the physical by addressing the emotional cause that predisposed you to the illness in the first place.  In the cold scenario above, where you might use Eucalyptus essential oil, in flower essence land you would address the stress and pushing too hard that helped you catch a cold in the first place. For more information on flower essences and the physical, check out this chart

Flower essences on the other hand are super healers of the emotions.  They can get so specifically to the root of your problems, and are normally very gentle about it.  They also have a heavy spiritual component.  Many people feel a deepening of their spirituality, an unlocking of their sensitivity to the spirit realm and so forth.  I tend to attribute this to them breaking down energetic blocks from old trauma.

I am thankful that oils started me on my healing journey. I hadn't anticipated their emotional "flushing out" at all-I was purely focused on support for physical issues. It was only because I was having some *definite* emotional responses that I researched and found out that, used correctly, they are amazing to use for emotional release. I spent a few years using oils with some support materials and am so glad I did. I'm thankful that because of them I was introduced to the whole idea of frequencies-and that led me to Freedom Flowers.

The thing I love about the essences is that I get the emotional work without the "side-affects" of oils-mainly the skin issues that can pop up if I use an oil too frequently or on a more sensitive part of my skin. Or an organ detox because the same oil that provides emotional support also detoxes xyz in my body. And because I can use essences throughout the day I feel a more sustained support emotionally-rather than a flood of support for awhile that wanes in time."

Rebecca R 

Environmental Impact

Essential oils demand large amounts of plant material to produce a little bottle of oil. As expensive as they are, when you think about what goes into them, it's quite the bargain. It takes acreage of monocropping certain plants for oil production whereas I can make great quantities of essences from my biodiverse garden. I always laugh about the emails requesting to "tour my farm."

There you have it.  The major differences between oils and essences.  I shall leave you with an FAQ on essences for further perusal. Please feel free to sign up for my free mini-course (you just read emails) to learn more about working with flower essences. 


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