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The nuances of flower essence dosage is one of the main questions I get asked. It's why I highly suggest you sign up for the free mini course if you haven't yet. The people who are informed are the ones who get the best results often because they know how to tweak their dosage for themselves.  

The correct essence dosing for you is a very individual thing, therefore you won't get very far asking me. All I can do is point you to some best practices, which are on your bottle label and on the info sheet you get with every purchase. But there are no hard and fast rules. You gotta become your own guru, and that involves a bit of self-awareness and experimentation. Where I come in is hopefully drilling into you that these are not herbal tinctures or essential oils, and you can't treat them that way.

The main issue that everybody has, is that they think in terms of dilution instead of in terms of frequency. Remember that essences are a frequency or vibrationally based product, you're not trying to get a certain milligrams of an herbal preparation, so no, 4 drops 4 times a day does not mean 16 drops at once. It actually doesn't mean the ultimate goal is 16 drops in a day, just that you need to be getting it into your system multiple times throughout the day. Confused yet? Hang in there.

Some commonly believed myths

  • Water dilutes it.
  • You need more or less if you use a bigger or smaller container.
  • You can increase the effect by putting a dropper full under your tongue.
  • You can take as many different essences as you want to at the same time.
I repeat, those are myths. Wrong info. Get those out of your head!

Water doesn't dilute, water extends.

If you do not understand the power and significance of water with essences, you need to do some remedial reading over here. Don't be afraid to "water it down" in a drink.  Every time you take a sip of whatever drink you put it in, it's like getting a fresh dose. That is why we recommend doing it that way. It's a easy way to get strong results piggybacking on something you do consistently anyway —drinking.  

If dilution is what you're trying to accomplish because the essence is too much for you, that's the wrong way to do less.  Doing less the right way looks like putting a few drops straight in your mouth and moving on with your day. 

Sarah found her optimal dose.

I ordered a custom combo a few weeks ago. I first took two drops in a bottle of water and the effects on me were so powerful I dialed it back to one drop. Even then I could feel the movement and shifts going a bit too fast for me (and I'm an over achiever so this was quick!) After a few days of this, I decided to do Seneca's alternative of a few drops right down the hatch. This worked fabulously! 

I was able to increase it to 4 drops 4 times a day very quickly and feel the powerful yet comforting effects.  This stuff is powerful. It will change your life. Be sure to have some fun and comfy things lined up for yourself because you're in for a ride (with bottle of water) or drive (for straight down the hatch). I much prefer the drive. 

More isn't more and sublingual isn't better.

You can put it under your tongue if you want to, but we're not aiming for your bloodstream. What needs to happen for an essence to be effective is that it needs to contact the water in your body in order to change your frequency. (Yes, again with the water...) Luckily, your body is mostly water, so in the mouth is good. Externally works too though. Again, we prefer that you sip on it throughout the day. That's how the "more" kicks in. Taking more drops at once doesn't help, taking it more frequently is how you amplify the effects. 

Size doesn't matter.

Your chihuahua gets the same as your lab, kids the same as adults, and your coffee cup gets the same as your 64oz work thermos. Again, it's about vibration within a container or literal body of water. 

The problems with combining lots of essences.

  • You can put yourself into a healing crisis because too many things are trying to happen at once. 
  • You can have diminishing returns because your system reads it as confusion.
  • You can have certain essences blocking the progress of others.

In short, you may not get the results you think you're going to get.

If you think in terms of frequencies, rather than looking at this like a multivitamin where the more stuff they cram in the better, using a music analogy might help.

Think of a flower like a single note on a piano. It's putting a frequency out there, it's doing its type of healing, but it's kind of limited and blah. Now think about hearing a chord played on the piano. Fuller, richer, grand sound, and we can compare chords or even chord progressions to the Bouquet Blends. But if you play a chord in one key, while also playing other chords in other keys, it just sounds like noise. You are not getting the same experience that you would listening to them individually. 

Likewise, if you were to go over to Healing Frequencies Music, look through the albums and decide you need this song for your headache and this one for your vision and this one for your anger, you wouldn't play them all at once, would you? Don't take so many blends!

That said, there are lots of instances where you can take one than one. Some people can handle it, some people can't. The only way to know is to try, but if you are brand new to essences, you don't get to experiment until you've got the basics down. That means you've had a good result, you know how you did it, (dosage amount) and you know what it feels like when it works. Here's a handy dandy infographic to help you decide if you can add on to what you're already doing. Notice I am not saying you can start two brand new blends at the same time.

Here is one example where the results of taking two at a time have been stellar. 

Sonia's Intuitive knowing...

"Today as I was leaving my house to go grocery shopping I looked at my bottle of Align and my intuition told me to continue taking it along with the Prosper because the Align is helping Prosper integrate within my energetic field!!  Isn't that something?   

I always listen to my intuition so I simply said "Thanks, I will" and I started taking Align again as I was doing before as both blends seem to be working synchronistically within my energy field.  Pretty awesome, huh?"

Go with your intuition please. If you're wrong, you'll have a bad day and that will be it. You can test things out, just know that if it doesn't go well, stop everything for a bit, regroup, and then go again at the recommended pace. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules concerning dosage. If you are going to experiment, you might want to be familiar with signs of a healing crisis if you aren't already. 

Closing Thoughts

We suggest that whenever possible, you prioritize and work on one thing at a time. Often there will be a major root issue that feeds lots of other issues in your life. If you're bouncing around from thing to thing, chasing symptoms, you're not likely to get that healed. Feeling torn between several blends is also a marker of needing a Custom Combo instead. 

With a Custom, you can get 7 individual flowers that are the most applicable for your situation out of the blends you were looking at, or Seneca may have some others that are more specific and not used in Bouquet Blends. 

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Founder of Freedom Flowers, Seneca has a strong understanding of frequencies found in nature and how they bring healing to the spiritual, emotional and thus, the physical body. She understands that humanity often shuts down in defense of pain or violation, and she knows what to offer to “unlock” areas that have become dormant over time. Seneca has a burning desire to bring healing to our issues in a gentle and natural way.