Learn to Formulate Custom Flower Essences for Your Clients!

Have you ever wanted to use flower essences to help other people?

This online training will set you up with an essence kit and give you the tools to start custom blending for each individual's needs.

Go at your own pace! No set start dates or deadlines!

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Whether You Already Do Healing Work, or You're Looking to Start, This is the Class for You.

Flower essences work well in tandem with most modalities. In fact, the ideal scenario is that they partner with and augment other things that the client is doing for their healing.

If flower essences will be your first or only method of healing, join the club! I love learning about other ways of inner healing, but essences are what I do. You will be able to do SO MUCH for people with essence blending alone, though there will be cases you'll want to refer out. 

Most methods of emotional healing place a heavy demand on the practitioner. It's generally time intensive, albeit rewarding. If you are a practitioner doing the heavy duty work with a client, you'll find that they progress faster when using essences in between sessions with you. 

By the way: this is a safe method. You're not going to hurt anybody, and essences have side benefits rather than side effects. By the time you finish the class, you'll be ready to take on your first clients.

Learn and Practice Online

Our Level 1 training is a combination of text and video, with quizzes and example consultations from real clients that you'll choose essences for and receive feedback on your formulations. There's also a Facebook group where you can get feedback, and periodic Zoom "office hours."

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You'll get instant access to the online class, and your kit will arrive by mail shortly.

Your first 40 essences in a carrying case:

 These are 1 dram stock strength bottles. That doesn't sound like much, but I took the Level 1 and 2 kits to an event, mixed 41 custom blends and wasn't close to running out of anything. (Case colors vary by class level.)

Ongoing support:

Private Facebook group for practitioners, Zoom calls, and of course I'll always take your emails. 

Certificate of Completion:

Frame it and display proudly! 

What You'll Learn


How to choose and combine essences

Essence formulation is easy with a couple of cheat sheets. Over time, you'll learn the essences and you'll be super fast at it. Each level has 40 essences, which is enough variety to handle people's problems, but not so many that it gets overwhelming to you as a newbie. Your job besides going through course material, is to play and experiment on yourself, getting to know the essences in your set. 


Answers to the questions they're going to ask you.

You will need to know what you're talking about when unpacking the weirdness of flower essences for people who have never heard of them before, or are completely sure that they are a different product — one that makes sense to them. You'll have to work around the cognitive dissonance in order to help them.


How to take care of yourself.

Most people that go into a healing modality are in process themselves of healing. Many are also empaths. This is a positive thing, but has its pitfalls. Within this course, you'll develop your own contingency plan to make sure you're not throwing yourself under the bus in helping others, and to make sure you're actually helping rather than triggering them.


Emotional roots of physical symptoms.

People that are new to flower essences have an expectation that you are going to cure their diseases even though that isn't how essences work. Here's how you can address the things they are most concerned with while staying in integrity. 


Science Stuff

Fear not, this is not heavy-handed, put-you-to-sleep science, and there admittedly isn't a lot of it. However, you'll need some science to truly understand how essences work. 


God Stuff

Forewarning - Heavy Christian content. You don't have to be one to participate, but it will mean quite a bit of content that doesn't matter to you. We're delving into scripture and apocryphal books to get a better picture of some origins of things, discussing spiritual boundaries, the level of influence of prayer, spiritual roots of certain issues, and more.


Legal Stuff

We are US based and can't comment on anything outside of the United States, although we currently have practitioners in other countries who have adapted with a bit of research. We cover language and claims, give you sample forms you can amend, and discuss liability, taxes, and your standing with the FDA. What we don't cover is how to do batches for sale the way Freedom Flowers does. For your safety, we will only teach you to tie each essence bottle you make directly to a consultation. 


How Long Is This Gonna Take Me to Get Through?

Is It the Right Time For Me To Do This? 

Which of Your Blends Can I Recreate With This Kit?

How Long Do I Have Access to the Class?

Is This a Viable Way for Me to Make Money?

How Is the Class Delivered?


Access to my Supernatural Business 5 Day Challenge! 

While not entirely essence related, it will help you see how I approach my products, give you new ideas for yours, and there are modules on time management, marketing, tapping into supernatural resources and provision, and more! Save it for when you're ready to launch into helping people!

Level 1 Practitioner Training

Everything you need to start working with clients


  • 40 essence kit
  • Access to All Modules
  • Immediate Start
  • Personalized feedback on practice formulas


What's Coming After Level 1?

Levels two and three! I've organized this so that you are only having to learn 40 essences at a time. Level 1 is the least you need to know in order to get off and running as a practitioner. In Level 2 we'll go deeper into emotional trauma, working with pets, psych disorders, addiction and begin working with more specific essences. There's no obligation to do more than Level 1, and you'll make a ton of difference for people with only that level of training. 

You can sign up for Level 2 as soon as you complete Level 1.

Level 3 is still in the works and will cover all things spiritual, how to help your clients unblock their gifts, go deeper with God, work through warfare issues. You'll begin to learn how to read spiritual climates everywhere you go and possibly even hear plants! 

About Me (Seneca Schurbon)

I've been working with flower essences since I was around 5 years old. I'm a little unorthodox, but I get results. So will you. 

Here’s what people are saying about the course

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Freedom Flowers Practitioner

"I felt very called! 

I loved doing the "hands-on" quizzes where we created an essence blend for someone based on the info provided.  One whole module felt very much like a confirmation from Spirit that this was the right path for me."

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Freedom Flowers Practitioner

I learned it was ok to not have it all down right away.

I was able to take my fear of being "graded" as a person to the reality of learning a new skill. This was a great, straight-forward class. Seneca treated the subject matter with the seriousness it deserved, yet made it fun too.

Headshot of smiling brunette woman


Freedom Flowers Practitioner

Fantastic! I was very impressed every step of the way. 

From the first video to Seneca's nuanced and complete explanations of different (and difficult) situations I continued to gobble it all up. Personally, the most valuable part was coming up with the blends for the diverse clients, their needs and the uniqueness of the way they communicated. 

Boost Your Skills. Join other Students in a unique healing modality.