Learn to Formulate Custom Flower Essences for Your Clients!

Introducing Our Level 1 Training

Have you ever wanted to use flower essences to help other people?

This online training will set you up with an essence kit and give you the tools to start custom blending for each individual's needs.

Go at your own pace! No set start dates or deadlines!

Whether You Already Do Healing Work, or You're Looking to Start, This is the Class for You.

Most methods of emotional healing place a heavy demand on the practitioner. It's generally time intensive, albeit rewarding. If you are a practitioner doing the heavy duty work with a client, you'll find that they progress faster when using essences in between sessions with you. 

If flower essences will be your first or only method of healing, join the club! I love learning about other ways of inner healing, but essences are what I do. You will be able to do SO MUCH for people with essence blending alone, though there will be cases you'll want to refer out. 

Flower essences work well in tandem with most modalities. In fact, the ideal scenario is that they partner with and augment other things that the client is doing for their healing.

By the way: this is a safe method. You're not going to hurt anybody, and essences have side benefits rather than side effects. By the time you finish the class, you'll be ready to take on your first clients.

This is What You're Gonna Get

  • 1
    Your first 40 essences in a carrying case: These are 1 dram stock strength bottles. That doesn't sound like much, but I took the Level 1 and 2 kits to an event, mixed 41 custom blends and wasn't close to running out of anything.
  • 2
    The Level 1 Reference Guide: All the stuff we went over in class, cross references, charts, flower info galore.
  • 3
    Ongoing support: Private Facebook group for practitioners, and of course I'll always take your emails. 
  • 4
    Certificate of Completion: frame it, put it on the wall. 

What You're Going to Learn

  • How to choose and combine essences
  • Answers to the questions they're going to ask you
  • How to take care of yourself
  • Emotional roots of physical symptoms
  • Science stuff
  • God Stuff
  • Legal stuff (US based)
  • Marketing

Training, Materials, & Shipping cost is 699.00 USD 

Christian Slant

Forwarning - Heavy Christian content. You don't have to be one to participate, but it will mean quite a bit of content that doesn't matter to you. We're delving into scripture and apocryphal books to get a better picture on some origins of things, discussing spiritual boundaries, the level of influence of prayer, spiritual roots of certain issues and more.

Still on board? Great! It's going to be a good time. 


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How Long Is This Gonna Take Me to Get Through?

Is It the Right Time For Me To Do This? 

Which of Your Blends Can I Recreate With This Kit?

How Long Do I Have Access to the Class?

Is This a Viable Way for Me to Make Money?

How Is the Class Delivered?

I Bet You Can't Wait to Have These Things Said About You! 

“Life changing!”

Seneca really, really, knows how to help. I had been taking individual essences for a couple of months and was feeling great... but I was still having disruptive sleep. I talked to Seneca via email and she made suggestions for my custom blend. It’s been about two weeks now and I’m a different person! These essences have changed my life and I’m SO excited and grateful!!!

Mindy B

“A tall order"

In the fewest words possible, I have a lot of issues. Too many actually to be honest, but as I heal from extreme ritual and government sponsored mind control projects, life gets better for me. One of the things they do from every angle possible is block you from accessing the Source that sets you free, God. I gave Seneca a very tall order of combining essences she thought could help me connect to God better. Slowly, I’m seeing increases in connectivity and even my ability to see and get in the spirit has also increased which has led to quicker breakthroughs, praise Jesus!!! I’m extremely happy with my custom combo!"


“Even the consult was healing"

“The process of coming up with the blend was amazing. I explained to Seneca some of the issues I was dealing with, and then she responded with a list of essences that addressed those issues. It was as if the essences had greater insight than me, into what issues I had been dealing with my whole life. Negative patterns of behavior have been slowing down, I've been feeling more confident and experienced a breakthrough in a problem I'd been dealing with the past year. I've been feeling more capable and clear headed. It's been very liberating!"

Seneca Schurbon

Creator of Freedom Flowers

About Me

I've been working with flower essences since I was around 5 years old. I'm a little unorthodox, but I get results. So will you. 

What's Coming After Level 1?

Levels two and three! I've organized this so that you are only having to learn 40 essences at a time. Level 1 is the least you need to know in order to get off and running as a practitioner. In Level 2 we'll go deeper into emotional trauma working with pets, psych disorders, addiction and begin working with more specific essences. There's no obligation to do more than Level 1, and you'll make a ton of difference for people with only that level of training. 

You can sign up for Level 2 as soon as you complete your Level 1 certificate.

Level 3 is still in the works and will cover all things spiritual, how to help your clients unblock their gifts, go deeper with God, work through warfare issues. You'll begin to learn how to read spiritual climates everywhere you go. 

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