Introducing Divine Gem Essences

Introducing Divine Gem Essences

These gem essences were made from gemstones that Michael C King, author of Gemstones From Heaven (and also my co-author on Broken to Whole) has had supernaturally manifest. He finds them in his house, at spiritual gatherings, and in the compost pile while on the phone with me.  At times they have even rained down on him.

This phenomenon, known in some circles as "apportation", is essentially something teleporting from another dimension. Given the circumstances surrounding this miracle, we have concluded this is not just a random spirit sending something to us, but a manifestation of God sending us heavenly gifts, delivered by angels, into our world.

I met Michael almost seven years ago, when I had shut the business down and was running. I'd been trying to shut off flower essences in favor of more "normal" ways of healing. I was going to stop rocking boats and "fit in" and other idiocy when I met him. I certainly wasn't ready to think about essences from miracle gemstones, but luckily that didn't come up until some time last year. We got it going last fall and have been in a test phase since, initially offering a package of five gem essences and continuing to test and release. 

Below is a Facebook Live that Michael did for us, where you get to see some of the stones, hear a bit of the back story with them and many questions are answered. 

For those of you who have gotten comfortable with the idea of flower frequencies and this feels a bit off your grid, remember that everything has a frequency. You could make a cardboard box essence if you wanted to, but we are trying to choose things that promote life.

No, we didn't put the gems in the bottles, they are not ground up in there, and essences still aren't oils. We simply transferred the gem frequency to the neutral solution using the exact same process as a flower essence, to imprint its frequency. 

While humanity began in a garden, our inheritance is a city built of gemstones. I feel like we have two very purposed and significant elements between the flowers and the gems for releasing heaven on earth. 

By partnering with Freedom Flowers, the healing frequencies were extracted and preserved so they could be shared with the world. It has been a process to test the properties of each essence, and we have ongoing research and development in this area, but we have settled on five that we are confident in what they do and how they can help provide emotional healing.

Five New Gem Essences

Divine Gem Essences from Freedom Flowers

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire assists with clarity, intuition, self-expression and communication. It can be used to open oneself up to receive heavenly messages as well as aiding to clarify the meaning of the messages received. Further, it helps you communicate them in a way that is clear and benefits the recipients. Blue Sapphire can also remove and release blockages to spiritual growth and is good to help you stand your ground with others and speak your truth.


Carnelian’s bold fire brings a rush of warmth, joy and energy. It anchors you in the here and now, stimulating creativity, motivation, concentration and endurance. Carnelian calms anger while tuning you in to unconditional Love.

Mystic Fire Topaz

Mystic Fire Topaz is a breakthrough essence helping you with clarity, confidence and a stronger spiritual connection. It’s refining fire has a purifying effect on the heart, gently exposing anything in the way of growth and upward spiritual momentum. Mystic Fire is also helpful for completion of projects combining action with a counterbalance of listening quietness.


Emerald ushers out any perceptions of lack, fear and frustration and strengthens your connection to the Divine and perfect love. It helps us see all things in life as gifts, and gives us the ability to see the positives in any situation.


Amethyst is multi-purpose healer for stress, tension, anger, anxiety and grief. It instills a sense of peace, calm and “unusual contentment” according to an early tester. Use before bed for rest, clarity of mind and problem solving in your dreams.

Divine Gem Essence Kit

Get all five divine gem essences and a copy of Michael's book, Gemstones from Heaven in the Divine Gem Essence kit. A $130 value for $90.

New Divine Gem Essence

Ice Stone

Ice Stone is a thawer of things frozen in time, old memories, wounds, areas of ourselves frozen shut. We call it the "Ice Stone" because in addition to its frigid blue color, it is always extraordinarily cold to the touch. It gives us the courage and even zeal to heal those things that we stuck on ice when we were overwhelmed by the situation. Becoming more in tune with parts of yourself, as well as the spirit realm expedites the process. When using Ice Stone, we can be real with ourselves and others and see from a wise, compassionate frame. It's a little like a truth serum that works on yourself, but also allows you a greater awareness of others feelings, even those under the surface. It helps to clear past abuse and emotional trauma, and confronts roles we have taken on such as victim or abuser, martyr or manipulator. It allows a judgement-free introspection with clarity and emotional stability.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Are They Safe?

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Founder of Freedom Flowers, Seneca has a strong understanding of frequencies found in nature and how they bring healing to the spiritual, emotional and thus, the physical body. She understands that humanity often shuts down in defense of pain or violation, and she knows what to offer to “unlock” areas that have become dormant over time. Seneca has a burning desire to bring healing to our issues in a gentle and natural way.

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