December 5, 2016

Month of Dreams

The following is an excerpt of a letter I sent to the Times and Seasons box club subscribers. The essences mentioned are part of what they get, but you don't need all the stuff to grab on to the opportunities in this month. I don't always post these, but I decided to with this one. 

Wow, where to begin? I'm looking forward to Kislev, even though it's a dark month. It's the month of dreams, and I've gone without those for a time and am just now seeing them come back. I am talking about night dreams, and we have a month of long nights for dreaming. Winter solstice is a part of Kislev, as is Hanukkah with a juxtaposition of darkness and light.

The spiritual sense associated with Kislev is sleep, and we need to work out any sleep issues to dream. I've put White Chestnut flower essence in your bottle as a sleep aid because it’s a "mind calm,” and even when I dream and wake up, it helps me stay out of analytical "have to solve this one right now" mode, so that I can go back to sleep and have more. We do however want to watch and deal with what comes up in the night. These are opportunities for exposition of our issues as well as direction for our future.

Hope and Trust

Kislev means "trust" and "hope". Trust and a sense of security is necessary to be able to sleep peacefully. To know that you are safe and looked after. That all your worries can be handed over. White Chestnut again is a good one here. This is a time to deal with any trust issues we have with God or others. Borage also is my main go-to essence for optimism and hope, so that's in here too.

Finding Light in the Dark

Often what's happening in the natural is mirrored in the spiritual. The days are getting shorter, the darkness is increasing, but that's not a bad thing. It's time to get night vision, to go into the deep places and come out the other side. There's healing to be had here.  And you'll have your new fire and authority for going through it.

A common sense is to feel distant from God, being in a place or a season where we don't necessarily sense His presence on a level that we have in the past. We may see Him at work in our lives but it's more of a faith walk than feeling like we are brimming with the evidence. Trust and hope are definitely in play.

Sweet Chestnut flower essence is relevant to those who are in a dark night of the soul, feeling hopeless or cut off from God. Because this type of thing exists on a spectrum, (I'm not quite at that stage, yet I do wonder where the experiential side of knowing God went) it's still helpful with low level feelings of being lost as well as the extreme version.

We hardly associate rainbows with the shortest days of the year, but it was the end of Cheshvan when Moses departed the ark. Not a seemingly positive time to start fresh and seed new crops, no, it must have been total desolation. On the first day of Kislev, God blessed Noah and his family and set down new rules for them. According to the book of Jubilees, He sent an angel to teach Noah every kind of medicine to counter the spirits that would try to afflict them. Humankind would develop differently and become its own rainbow of color, sourced from pure white light, refracting into different shades.

And when it couldn't get any darker, here comes Hanukah, the Festival of Lights. In terms of the historical narrative of Hanukkah, the Hasmoneans stood up to their oppressors. Despite the darkness of their time, they trusted in the miraculous. Because of this trust, their eyes were open enough to find a small measure of oil with which to kindle the Menorah.

A significant number of Jewish people had crossed over into Hellenism, lovers of all things Greek. Hellenism found the concept of spirituality, morality and Godliness to be threatening and dangerous. They outlawed the Torah because it took the mind to places beyond their Greek thinking. They couldn't stand for the idea of being accountable to a Creator rather than a human centered world where morality is irrelevant.

Then the miracle happened. The Greeks had defiled the Menorah, which is a symbol of the spirit just as they defiled everything else in the Temple. When the Temple was recaptured one of the first things that the fighters did was to try to rekindle the Menorah. Lighting the Menorah was a symbol of spiritual renewal. At a glance, it appeared to be a battle over culture and politics, but it wasn't about political independence or maintaining culture then and it shouldn't be now.  Spirit first, everything else takes care of itself. 

Each of us has to fight off darkness in our own way. We need to find our own tiny jar of oil in the darkness, light what we got and let God extend it the glow.

Standing on the Promises

Things on a national level are dark right now. Racial tension is the most I've seen in my lifetime. If anything, we as a nation have learned what we cannot put our trust and hope in. The rainbow is God's promise that what we just went through, we are not going to be subjected to again. This seems to me to be a good time to make some thanksgiving and some declarations, personally and corporately of what we are done with and not going through again. I wonder how much we repeat because we don't acknowledge the promise.

Sagittarius the archer is our constellation. The bow represents both the archer's bow and the rainbow according to ancient Judaism. The archer relates with the theme of Hanukah as the archers bow of the Maccabees. The tribe associated with Kislev is Benjamin, renowned as the most gifted with a bow. Moses said Benjamin is the beloved of God. He shall dwell trustfully over him; He hovers over him all the day and between his shoulders He rests. Again with the trust and rest.

We are all a composite of the 12 tribes. I liken it to God drawing on that characteristic that's in us with each month. This is our month to war from a place of rest, to draw back so that we can hit the target with precision.

The rest of the letter just goes on to explain what's in the box...Essences for dream recall and the jewelry.​ You can find out more about those here. 


Founder of Freedom Flowers, Seneca has a strong understanding of frequencies found in nature and how they bring healing to the spiritual, emotional and thus, the physical body. She understands that humanity often shuts down in defense of pain or violation, and she knows what to offer to “unlock” areas that have become dormant over time. Seneca has a burning desire to bring healing to our issues in a gentle and natural way.

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