May 24, 2013

To Rue or Not to Rue

I picked up some Rue while plant shopping today.  Well, I picked it up and put it back down, not wanting to buy something I didn’t know how to use and isn’t on my list.  I heard in my spirit, “You’re gonna “rue” the day you didn’t buy that plant.”  It was on sale for 2.99, how wrong can I possibly go?  2.99 and at a chain “mart” where they aren’t in the practice of marketing obscure and kinda last century medicinal herbs.  Must be destiny.  “Rue, welcome to the Farmacy. Which empty spot would you like to move into?”

Reading up on what other essence makers have said about Rue, it’s flowing with the theme of things here lately, and that theme would be boundaries and protection from disturbing or destructive output from others.  We’re all over this at the moment, having just released a new Bouquet Blend called “Yarrow Shield”.

“Yarrow Shield” will help those who are sensitive to environments, and other people’s moods and energies.  I especially recommend it for those who are in healing or care-giving professions where the tendency is to take on what others are going through. Establishes safe boundaries and is protective against intentional attack or passive absorption of negativity and discord.

My plant choices are pretty much Spirit-led.  Many flowers come from dreams, people who don’t know me, prophesy to me in flowers, not realizing that I read deeper into those than what they see.  The Bouquet Blends work similarly.  I don’t come out with new ones lightly.  It’s too easy for me to come up with loads of them, I enjoy the creative aspect of naming and picking label graphics. I could offer a zillion products if it weren’t for the inventory nightmares. The reality is, I wait until I know.  And I know when I have half a dozen people at one time that all need to be on the same blend that I haven’t released yet.  By the way, if I don’t have the Bouquet Blend you want, you need a custom combo.

There seems to be a timing element to some extent.  Essences that were in heavy rotation 2-3 years ago, are not seeing much use today, and essences that are coming up this season have not seen a lot of previous use.  It’s gotten to where I have a shelf so I can easily find the “necessary for now” essences.  What you should be getting out of this is that you’re not alone.  I don’t know all of what you’re going through, but I can see what is leaving the office and the patterns between seemingly disconnected buyers.  You’re in the same season that many of us are in.  Just keep moving forward.  Just as flowers respond to the times and seasons, so should we.

I believe this is a time to push off anything that would keep us from moving forward.  This is a time to tie up loose ends so you can be ready in every sense of the word, to step into new opportunities.  This means shucking off responsibilities that we really shouldn’t be taking responsibility for, dealing with our insecurities, and not caving into procrastination and self-sabotage.  We have a new “M&M” (Manifestation and Motivation) blend for some of that.  Resolve it within yourself to be alert to and say yes to the new opportunities that are coming at you, no matter how scary, crazy or impractical, if its what you truly want.  Some if you will have an opportunity to make a “lateral” move, that won’t really seem like the direction you ultimately dreamed of, but it’s a stepping stone.  Its a repositioning to line you up with what you never even imagined you’d be doing, but is the perfect placement for you.  I pray that you recognize those things as they come up.  Watch your decision making process, are negative emotions such as fear, lack of confidence, unworthiness factoring in?  Those things shouldn’t get to have a voice.  Don’t let a negative emotion pull your life off course from what you were born to do.  I don’t want you to “rue” the day you said “no” when deep in your heart, the answer was “yes”.


Founder of Freedom Flowers, Seneca has a strong understanding of frequencies found in nature and how they bring healing to the spiritual, emotional and thus, the physical body. She understands that humanity often shuts down in defense of pain or violation, and she knows what to offer to “unlock” areas that have become dormant over time. Seneca has a burning desire to bring healing to our issues in a gentle and natural way.