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Every Blend Can Be a Custom Blend

Tired of having blends that aren't quite right or feeling like you need too many to fit your issue?

  • Do you skip around from blend to blend too often to make a new way of being stick permanently?
     Do you enjoy taking your health into your own hands?
     Wish you could be on custom blends all the time, even when you want to change it up day by day?

Let Me Guess:  You're Not a One-Size-Fits-All Kind of Person When it Comes to Emotional Healing.

You probably started with our Bouquet Blend essences. Maybe you had a hard time deciding which one to buy, and maybe you didn't even try to whittle it down and you bought yourself a collection. But then you had to pick one to take first, and that was hard. You felt like a few essences from this blend were a good fit, and a few from that one, and then that one...

 I created the Bouquet Blends to be an easy and cheap solution for people to get started with flower essences without having to learn a lot up front. But because they are an off-the-shelf solution, they're never going to nail your issue as completely as if you hand-picked each essence individually.

You can book a custom combo for a more individualized solution that's done for you. But...


If you're the kind of person who likes to learn, likes to have more control over your inner healing protocol, the best thing is to start making your own blends. 

If you can create your own blends, you can at a moments notice, mix yourself the right thing at the right time. 

Always Juggling Essences That Help You With a "Here and Now" Problem With Essences That Heal Your Past?

We know we have to heal our past trauma. We know it affects our present day relationships, career, physical and mental health, how much money we earn and how much love we allow in our lives. Healing our past can help every aspect of our present life. 

However, we also need to function well in the present. We need to not yell at our spouse all the time, be focused at our work, present with our children, and keep up with the demands of life. 

To heal the past, you have to take an essence for a period of time. And usually, that means choosing between deep healing and dealing with your surface day-to-day problems. But there's a way around this. 


You Can Make Two Blends

One blend can have 2-4 essences to go after a core issue that you take consistently over a period of time. The other blend can be a couple essences that target your present day problems. This blend can be switched out as needed. You can even make a blend for work and one for home. One for creative endeavors, and one for housework. Because each blend only has 2-4 essences, you won't have the "too many at once" problem that often gets you a healing crisis, systemic confusion and diminishing returns.


A Long-Term Investment

You might have looked at the individual essences before and realized the Bouquet Blends are a good deal. And they are. They save you from buying a bunch of little bottles and spending $100 for something you could buy for 22.95.

What you may not realize, is that the individuals are stock strength, which means you can dilute them. Each bottle will make many more, and because they are preserved with brandy, they will last indefinitely as long as you're capping them well after use so the alcohol doesn't evaporate. If it smells alcoholic and the liquid is not cloudy or slimy, it's still good. 

And speaking of alcohol, if you'd rather not use it in your blends, you don't have to. 


If you're into essences for the long-term, and not just dabbling, making your own blends will save you money. What doesn't save you money is a bunch of failed experiments with yourself as the guinea pig.

I am all about experimentation, and it's unfortunately the only way to hone in on what works for you, but there are guidelines that will help you get the kind of results you want, and safe ways to explore. 


That's Why I Decided To Create This Class

 DIY Essence Blending

An online, self-paced class (mostly text, some video) to help you to create your own targeted essence solutions. 


Here's What You'll Learn 

  • How exactly to dilute down, and what should go in your bottles. From picking your base, to how many essences and which ones.
     How to temper a blend so that you stay stable when working on hard things.
  • How to determine your priorites, and how to work through confusing times when you don't know what you need.
  •  How to dial your dosage up or down. (Working with frequencies is not like working with herbs or drugs.)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



You'll Also Get:

  • 1
     A Cheat Sheet to help you quickly identify which essences would be helpful. 
    Feedback from me on your first prospective blend. I'll take a look before you spend the money on individual essences.

We've Offered This Kind of Training Before,

But it was our Practitioner Training. What we found is that not everybody needs the full blown practitioner class with all the stuff about legalities and FDA and business structure if they just want to help themselves. It was overkill. This is more of a nuts-and-bolts class with the basics if you're only creating blends for you, and I would also say your own minor or dependent children. (People you monitor and have authority over.) This is not the class for you to help everybody else, even on an informal basis.  

Who This Class Is Not For

    Those who know they will ultimately be making blends for other people. You'd be better off doing the practitioner training. It comes with a very well balanced essence kit, this class does not, nor does it prepare you in any way to work with others.
    Those who are just dabbling. If you're new to essences, and not completely sold, this might be too much of an investment of time, energy and money upfront. 

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



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