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What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are a form of healing using the frequencies of flowers to alter negative emotional patterns. Trauma, anxiety, depression, self-limiting beliefs and patterns of negative thinking can all be reversed by using Freedom Flowers. Flower essences do not directly impact the body, but by righting the emotional components that contribute to disease, many find relief emotionally and physically. To get a bigger picture view, check our Start Here page.

Are Flower Essences and Essential Oils the Same?

Short answer, no. Flower essences are made using only the flowers of a plant and is a purely energetic form of healing. Essential oils are made from any aromatic part of the plant and are a biochemical form of healing. Flower essences have no scent and are normally ingested; essential oils are usually applied to the skin. For more on the differences between flower essences and essential oils click here.

How Do I Use Flower Essences?

You simply add a few drops to whatever you're drinking. In most drinks, the taste isn't noticeable. In plain water, it's slightly noticeable but most people think it improves the taste of the water. You can also apply them topically if you'd rather not use them internally. A complete usage guide is included with each order, so don't throw out the papers! For more information, see our ​How to Use Flower Essences: 6 Easy Methods blog post.

How Long Do I Have to Take Flower Essences?

It depends. Small funky moods change quickly, deeper rooted problems take time. You may take an essence for a couple weeks and feel so far past that issue that you can't imagine ever feeling that way, or you may need to process through several essence blends to properly deal with an issue. Although the application or ingestion of flower essences takes effect immediately, you'll probably need to take an essence or blend for three weeks to a month to recognize real sustainable change. A good rule of thumb is one month for every year you've had the problem. It takes time to learn a new habit, and this is what will be happening. You’ll be reversing knee-jerk ways of reacting to negative circumstances and replacing them with positive responses. More info here

Are Flower Essences Safe?

Yes! Babies, pets, elderly, pregnant or nursing women, people on medications, and people with allergies can all use flower essences. Energy medicine is the only healing modality with no documented cases of harm!

How Many Flower Essences Can I Take At Once?

The short answer to this question is 6-7 individual flower essences. A blend already has that many, so only one blend at a time. The longer answer is more nuanced and there are some ways you can stagger what you take throughout the day and take more than one blend. For the more complete details, click here.

How Will I Know it's Working/What Changes Should I Expect?

Unless you are pretty self-aware, it's likely that those around you will notice changes before you do. Some common clues are:

  • New realizations 
  • Pertinent dreams 
  • Changes in the way you look at things 
  • Changes in the way you see yourself 
  • Peacefulness 
  • Positive outlook 
  • Release of accumulated tension
  • The ability to remember a formerly-painful event with a sense of peace and closure

Why Is There Alcohol in These/Can I Get It Without?

Brandy is Freedom Flowers' preservative of choice in our flower essences and used in all our off the shelf products. If you order a Custom Combo, you can request an alcohol-free version made with apple cider vinegar instead at no extra charge, and if you're willing to pay extra because we have to make it to order, you can also get any of the regular essences in a vinegar base here

The amount of alcohol you get from the preservative in a properly administered dosage of essences is extremely small and is safe for children, pets, pregnant/nursing mothers, and even recovering alcoholics. To put it in perspective, in a 1 oz flower essence bottle, 20% of the volume will be alcohol. You need 4 drops for a dosage (so that's less than 1 drop alcohol) and it will be diluted in a glass of water or other choice beverage. How big a glass is up to you. I also doubt you're going to down all that at once.

Plenty of recovering alcoholics are using the brandy-based essences without falling off the wagon. It's up to you to judge your level of healing in the process and what you think is ok for you personally. The amounts are again, really small.

When I Take Certain Essences, I Have This Symptom...

Flower essences do not have physical effects, but because the emotional and physical can be so connected, it's not uncommon to notice stuff going on. Also, it's possible to feel a bit rough emotionally before it gets better. Both of these things are known as a healing crisis. You need to read this

Is There a Spiritual Component to This?

Essence making is a spiritual process, as is the healing. Here is a blog post with quite a bit of detail on my approach. Highly recommended: Go ask your higher power if this is a good thing for you. 

I Placed an Order But Can I Add On, Or Use This Coupon I Forgot I Had?

We definitely can't add more to your order. That would be credit card fraud. We can't apply coupons retroactively either because there are third parties involved. For substitutions or other things, most likely no, but you can ask. Customer service and shipping are not happening in the same place with up to the moment communication, and we ship quickly at times. If customer service and shipping are coordinated, it's because Seneca is doing it ALLLLL and in that case she's grumpy. 

Do you ship to _________ and how much is it?

Yes, we ship internationally. We ship USPS, so if you do not trust the Post Office or customs agency in your country, we suggest that you either do not order or find a workaround. We will not replace lost or stolen orders. Some of our customers, particularly those in Africa (except South Africa) use a company called MyUs to get a US shipping address for orders, and MyUs then finds the best way to get it to them, such as Fedex or DHL. South Africa is shipped from Limpopo at no charge.

How much it costs depends on how much you order. You can put it in your cart and put your address into checkout to calculate the shipping costs, which is what we will have to do if you ask us. Keep in mind that you may also have to pay customs fees when it gets there. We will not mark your package as a gift to avoid extra fees. Being honest allows us to continue shipping to your country. 

For more information about shipping see our Shipping and Returns page.

Can I Just Talk To You On The Phone?

Sure! You'll need to purchase a Custom Combo, choose the phone consultation option, and Seneca will be in touch via email to schedule a time to call. If you just wanted a normal customer service call, no. We're in the awkward growth stage where we aren't busy enough to warrant having someone on phone standby for 8 hours a day, and if Seneca takes general customer service calls, she'd never get anything done. Customer service checks in on email and the Facebook group several times a day. 


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