November 2, 2014

Are You “Too Sensitive?”

Woman in a beanie slouching with her hands around her face as if she is trying to shut out the world.

Do you pick up on other people's feelings and take them on as your own? Do you have trouble separating what's you and what's them? Do you need alone time to rebalance and restrengthen? Do you get around other people or a specific place and come out feeling like you've been in an emotional tornado? I think I can help.

First off, let's bash this idea of "too sensitive." I know that extreme sensitivity can cause a lot of pain, but empathy is necessary for people to live in harmony. Empathy bypasses all differences such as race, social status, age, even species (you love animals right?) and any other thing that serves to divide us. Empathy helps us understand why other people act the way they do. Without empathy, we are left with only intellect as a means of understanding and from there we move into judgement.

The problem is when this is unbalanced. We don't want the feeling turned off, but you need to have your energetic boundaries firmly in place. You need to be able to recognize what emotions are yours, and what you are picking up from other sources.

You need to be aware that if there are areas in your life where you need healing, you will be especially sensitive to that emotion when you come across it in other people or places.

This is sympathetic resonance.

"Sympathetic resonance or sympathetic vibration is a harmonic phenomenon wherein a formerly passive string or vibratory body responds to external vibrations to which it has a harmonic likeness." -Wikipedia.

In energetic terms, this means you'll pick up on other people's frequency that you have any predisposition towards. If you are an empath that has a problem with anger, for instance, you'll feel that emotion from others more deeply than you would other emotions that you run across in day to day life. Flower essences can help with this sort of thing.

Before you head into a situation of being around a lot of people, or even one or two people with issues, do a personal mood check. Make a mental note of how you're feeling beforehand. If you come out of that situation completely different than going in, you picked up their stuff. If you have an amplified feeling of what you went in with, some sympathetic resonance was probably at work.

It can take time to release and heal years of accumulated emotion. When you do, you'll be able to process the day to day interactions of living in a hurting world, much more healthily.

Empathy is a Gift

I believe this type of sensitivity falls into one of the 9 spiritual gifts, discernings of spirits. It's listed as plural in my guide book to the supernatural. "Discernings." Meaning there's more than one way to discern. Most people have limited or rigid understanding of what that is and we institutionalize people because we don't understand it.

If you go into a charged atmosphere, rather than joining in, you can recognize it and go "how can I infect peace here?" This will mean that you have to recognize, without getting sucked in.

If you can read a room, you can facilitate that same understanding to flow between other people engaged in conflict, and you can also know exactly how to pray for others in the situation at hand.

Yes, I said pray.

What you need to be careful with is taking it all on yourself. It's not yours to carry. Otherwise you become one of those "fixers" who depletes themselves trying to solve everyone's problems so you won't have to feel the pain anymore. Of course, there's pain everywhere we look, unfortunately, and you can't fix it all. But you may be the only one with the awareness to pray with accuracy and intensity. After all, you know how it feels.

The Yarrows

Flower essences can be very beneficial in helping you find the balance. All of the Yarrows in particular are protective for the sensitive souls. They each in their own way strengthen your energetic boundaries and help with reframing the gift. I see Yarrow as having this white force field emanating, with not much atmospheric fade out, if that makes as much sense to you as it does me. In other words, just as the herbal use will cause a person to stop bleeding, or not "bleed out" it does the same energetically.

Using Yarrow essence does not make this thing go away. I hope that's not the effect you're after. Empathic ability is part of your original design and always will be. As confusing and frustrating and painful as it may have been, you can transform this through understanding and your own personal healing. Using essences will speed it along.

The good news is that for the sensitives, flower essence effects are felt very quickly. This means you can skip over my usual guidelines of giving it a couple weeks and also you can mix it up during the day according to what you feel you need.

Yarrow Shield

is our flower essence blend that will help you feel less bombarded and overwhelmed. You probably will only need to use it consistently for a short time, and then just occasionally when you think you need it. I would not do Black Friday without it.

Go get it!


Founder of Freedom Flowers, Seneca has a strong understanding of frequencies found in nature and how they bring healing to the spiritual, emotional and thus, the physical body. She understands that humanity often shuts down in defense of pain or violation, and she knows what to offer to “unlock” areas that have become dormant over time. Seneca has a burning desire to bring healing to our issues in a gentle and natural way.