Flower Essences For Healthy Living

Flower essences to support your lifestyle and general well being. Learn how essences can help you in all aspects of your life. When you're not doing deep healing, come fine tune with us!


Physical Health

Flower essences heal things to the depth that they are emotionally rooted. Here we'll explore some of those emotional and spiritual causes.


Everyday Challenges

We all undergo stess, issues with self-perception and need some extra umph either getting things done or taking a break.

Here are a few more posts about Healthy Living that didn't fit above.

Two books in the Healing in the Hebrew Months series on a light green background with pomegranates, honey and a shofar

Healing in the Hebrew Months

Several years ago, I had a dream. A voice was telling me that every weed has a season in which it’s vulnerable and can be

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Building lifestyles for health with flower essences

Essences Help Building Lifestyles for Health

I'm often asked which essences can help with various physical issues. The thing is, essences only help with the physical in as much as the

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Surviving Christmas

It's supposed to be "the most wonderful time of the year" but with as many opportunities as there are to appreciate the season, there are

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Flower Essences For Writers

Today I broke down and made myself a writing blend. Sure M&M, Focus and Confidence can do in a pinch, but I needed some targeted

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Woman lying in bed awake at night watching the clock.

Why You Wake Up When You Do

Are you waking up too early or in the middle of the night?  Does it frequently happen around the same time?  Peaceful Sleep flower essence

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Don’t Be S.A.D

Hey there! How's the sunshine where you are? We are fresh out out here and under a perpetual heavy fog that leaves everything coated in

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