The Parasite Assassin Protocol

A pile of different supplements and written instructions stacked on a table with a

Here it is folks. Start taking Parasite Assassin when you get it. Or when you’re ready for it. Really, we don’t care when you start, no need to email for permission. Dosage is the same for a pet, child, or adult, weight does not matter with dosing vibrational products. 4 drops in whatever you’re drinking throughout […]

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What Binder Should I Take?

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Everybody wants to know what binder we recommend. We (meaning Seneca and whoever is on customer service/social media duty) do not make personal recommendations for health. I’m not an MD, ND or anything else qualified to give individual medical advice. Furthermore, I’m irritated by the keyboard warriors that shout their particular binder at complete strangers […]

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Weight Issues

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People have been asking, and we’re working on developing a weight loss bioessence. It’s not there yet, gonna be awhile, but believe me, we’d like a new magic potion for this. While you wait, you can start working on the things that are more specific to just you. Obviously there’s comfort eating, and stress eating, […]

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Let’s Address the Parasite Problem

Image of a worm parasite in a blood stream

We’ve got an inbox full of questions about dosage for the Parasite Assassin bio essence, so here’s the info in case you were wondering and hadn’t asked…How do I dose this bio essence? Same as with all the other essences: 4 drops in whatever beverage you’re drinking, 4 times a day is a place to […]

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EMF Sensitivity?

Smart homes are exposed to harmful FM radiation from cell towers according to scientists

You’ve probably heard about the growing concerns over EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies) and how they affect our well-being. While EMFs aren’t healthy for anyone, some people are hit harder than others.The symptoms are vast, ranging from anxiety, tinnitus, and fatigue to heart palpitations, blurry vision, and even more serious conditions like cancer and dementia. It’s a […]

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Peace of Mind with all Variants

Image of a man holding his hand up against viruses

We know it can be tough wrapping your mind around new info so we want to help answer the frequently asked questions the best we can while also making sure we don’t get our social media accounts shut down or the powers at be wagging their finger at us for how we say things. Some FAQs […]

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Parasite Bioessence for Pets

With the new Parasite Assassin blend, you can use it for either people or pets. While the conventional medical establishment denies that parasites are a common problem for people, they are in favor of being regular with anti-parasitics for animals. The pharma companies say every two weeks for puppies and monthly or every three months for adult […]

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