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Emotional Roots of Physical Symptoms

Many times, but not always, our physical and especially chronic conditions are rooted in our emotional traumas.  The following chart lists a few physical symptoms, their potential emotional roots, and offers a few suggestions for healing based on my flower essences, music from Healing Frequencies, and Inner Healing books from Alice Briggs.

Nothing is always, when it comes to healing, so if the possible emotional root doesn't resonate with you, then disregard.  We are hoping this gives you an "Aha!" moment however, or at least gets it in the ball park.  Of course this is no substitute for professional medical care.  Please consider this an adjunct to what you and your physician are already doing.   

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Physical SymptomPossible Emotional RootsSuggested Flower EssenceHealing Frequencies SongsHealing Books
Acid RefluxAnxiety, worryStay CalmJoyous HopeOvercoming Anxiety
AcneFear of rejection, need to feel acceptedConfidenceI AM (album)Overcoming Rejection, Overcoming Shame
Acne, CysticRelationship conflict with motherEvening Primrose, Peace,
Anger Management
I AM (album)Overcoming Rejection, focus on forgiveness
ADD/DyslexiaLack of strong patriarch in family line,
Sunflower, ConfidenceSpirit Awakens, Wings of Spirit
Ancestral Cleansing,
Overcoming Rejection, Overcoming Shame, Overcoming Insecurity
Allergies, foodFear (general) or fear of what God is
calling you to. (Can be subconscious.)
Stay Calm, ConfidenceRunning to HimOvercoming Anxiety
Allergies, hay feverFearStay Calm or specific flowers for specific fears

Waves of Spirit (song) Running to HimOvercoming Anxiety
AlzheimersSelf-rejection, guiltHyssop, Solomon's Seal, Sow ThistleOpen Door, The Wedding, Open GatesOvercoming Rejection
Arthritis, OsteoNot forgiving self, holding record of wrongsHyssop, Solomon's SealOpen Door, The WeddingOvercoming Shame
Arthritis, RhematoidCan't face one's self, guilt, feels unworthy of love, low, self-esteemConfidence, Harebell, HyssopOpen Door, The Wedding, Open GatesOvercoming Shame, Overcoming Insecurity, Overcoming Control
Asthmafear of abandonment, insecurityHeart Healer, ConfidenceOpen DoorOvercoming Insecurity
Autoimmune disordersChildhood trauma, guilt, self-rejectionAftershock, Fragment Finder, Heart Healer, ConfidenceOpen Heaven (album), Love Abounds (EMDR)Overcoming Perfectionism, Overcoming Rejection, Overcoming Shame, Overcoming Insecurity
Back painOver responsibility, pushing self too hard, relational difficultiesAlignLife Restored, Open GatesOvercoming Perfectionism
CancerBitternessPeace, Anger ManagementInto the Deep (album) Deep Waters, Abiding Love(EMDR)Overcoming Anger
Cardiac issuesAnxiety, stressStay Calm, Stress-LessI AM (album)Overcoming Anxiety
Chronic FatigueAnxiety rooted in drivenness to meet the expectation of another in order to receive
Malva, Yellow Monkey Flower, Blue VervainLife Source, Abiding Love, Into His Presence, Open Gates (album)Overcoming Perfectionism, Overcoming Shame, Overcoming Anxiety
Coronary Artery DiseaseSelf- rejectionConfidenceI AM (album)Overcoming Rejection
Crohn's DiseaseExtreme self-rejection, abandonment, rejection, low self-esteem or drivenness to
meet the expectation of another.
Heart Healer, ConfidenceInto the Deep (song)Overcoming Perfectionism, Overcoming Shame, Overcoming Anxiety
Cysts, ovarian & breastConflict with one's motherEvening Primrose, Peace, Anger ManagementOpen Gates (album), The Wedding
Degenerative DiskUsually generational connected to addictive
Nicotiana, Harebell, CoreopsisWaves of Spirit, (EMDR, song and album)Overcoming Shame
DepressionInner conflict at soul or spirit levelJoy, TomorrowLife Source, I AM (album), Open Door, Waves of Spirit (song)Overcoming Confusion
Diabetes, Type 1Self-rejection with guilt, anxiety and stress.
Broken heart/rejection by father, husband or other man
Heart Healer, Confidence, Stay CalmLove Abounds, Abiding Love (EMDR)Overcoming Rejection, Overcoming Shame, Overcoming Anxiety
Diabetes, Type 2Fear of failing others, performance and drivenness, can't receive love, projected rejection.Heart Healer, Confidence, Blue VervainLove AboundsOvercoming Perfectionism, Overcoming Rejection, Overcoming Anxiety
Digestive Issues (most)Fear, anxiety, stressStay Calm, Stress Less, ChamomileOpen DoorEmotional Clearing
EczemaFear, anxiety, stressStay Calm, Stress LessWorthy to BeholdOvercoming Anxiety
FibroidsBitterness against selfConfidenceOpen Gates, Love Abounds (EMDR)Overcoming Anger
FibromyalgiaAbandonment, feeling unsupported or not
nurtured by male figure, feeling like you have
to do things right to be loved. Can also be
from feeling like you have to do all the work in a relationship, or childhood wounds from mother's
relationship with father or other men
Heart Healer, ConfidenceInto the Deep (album)Overcoming Perfectionism, Overcoming Triggers
High Blood PressureWorry, stressStress Less, Peaceful SleepI AM (album) Life Source (EMDR)Overcoming Anxiety
High CholesterolAngry at self, self-deprecationConfidence, Anger ManagementInto His Presence (album)Overcoming Shame, Overcoming Anger
HypothyroidismFeeling like you don't have a voice, fear, stressTrumpet Vine, Stress Less, Stay CalmJoyous Hope,Overcoming Anxiety
IncontinenceFear, anxiety stressStay Calm, Stress LessWings of SpiritOvercoming Anxiety, Overcoming Control
Malabsorption/Leaky GutImproper boundaries with others,anxiety, stressStay Calm, Stress LessJoyous HopeOvercoming Anxiety
MigrainesConflict, internal or external, soul fragmentsFragment Finder or essences tailored to situationLife RestoredOvercoming Anxiety, Overcoming Anger
Multiple Chemical SensitivityFear and anxiety with a broken heartStay Calm, Heart HealerI AM (album and EMDR)Overcoming Anxiety, Overcoming Rejection
OsteporosisEnvy, broken spiritHeart HealerAbiding Love (EMDR)Overcoming Jealousy, Overcoming Rejection
OvereatingFear of rejection, fear of abandonment, armoring, low self-esteem, focus on being in control of foodConfidence, Heart Healer, Craving ControlJoyous HopeOvercoming Rejection, Overcoming Insecurity, Overcoming Control
ParasitesFear, anxiety (in the event you have an abnormal battle)Stay CalmOpen Gates, Spirit AwakensOvercoming Anxiety
Parkinson's DiseaseRejection, abandonment, hopelessness, can't let go of past mistakesHeart Healer, Tomorrow, HyssopInto His Presence, Abiding Love (EMDR)Overcoming Rejection, Overcoming Hopelessness
Prostate problemsAnger, guilt, self-rejectionAnger Management, Hyssop, ConfidenceCleansing Fire (album)Overcoming Shame, Overcoming Anxiety
Sinus InfectionFear/AnxietyStay CalmI AM (album)Overcoming Anxiety
StrokeSelf-rejection, self-bitternessConfidenceWaves of SpiritOvercoming Rejection, Overcoming Shame, Overcoming Insecurity, Overcoming Anger
UlcersFear, stressStress Less, Stay CalmOpen Heaven (album)Overcoming Anxiety

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