Flower Essence Affiliate Program – Become a Petal Pusher!

Yes!  We now have an affiliate program!  We're paying out 20% on the final purchase price of new customers you refer who get here by your unique tracking link.  You can generate and use the links on your website, emails, blog, or social media. 

How Tracking Works

Referral tracking happens two ways.  Initially, your referral has to click on your link to come to the Freedom Flowers website.  Then they may or may not purchase right away.  Through cookie tracking, if they come back and purchase any time within the next 60 days, you'll get the credit, as long as they are doing it from the same device.  We run retargeting ads to try and maximize the results from click throughs. 

The second way of tracking is via email address.  If your referral makes a purchase or creates a store account, future orders with that same email address will be credited to you.  This is not limited by time, and is where the money is. The initial 20% might not seem like much, but once they try it, they'll like it and be back for more.

Your Best Strategy

The easiest and best way for you to ensure you are getting credit is to encourage an immediate purchase.  If your audience is primarily US based, that can be done by pushing the free samples. (They do have to pay shipping.) This is a low risk way for them to try, and I have a very high customer retention rate.  You don't earn anything on a sample order, but it ensures that you are credited with anything they order in the future. This also gets them into my newsletter newbie sequence which gives them all the basic information they need, which should lighten any questions load on you. 

Telling your story of how essences have helped you is going to be the most meaningful marketing for your audience.  I've gotten a few early affiliates trying out the software before I put the offer out to most of you, and they have done well by talking about them in blog posts, and putting a "free samples" blurb at the bottom of their newsletter. Of course, social media posts work too.

You Can Link to Anything

When you sign up, your main referral link is to Freedom Flowers® homepage.  In your affiliate panel is a link generator that you can use to plug in any url from my site and get a link for that page to share.  Some of you share my blog posts, some of you are only interested in pushing one product that is relevant to your audience. This is how to do that. 

Signing Up

Signing up is a two-step process. You don't have to be an expert, but we're not interested in people who run coupon sites or anyone who really has no knowledge of flower essences.  Therefore, we have a quiz to take, because people WILL ask you all these questions when you begin promoting essences. The other reason for a quiz is that you probably have your own way of using essences that works for you, and while that's not "wrong," if it is in conflict from our messaging, it's going to confuse people and we will not be approving you as an affiliate. For that reason, I'd advise you do the free mini-course if you're new here. If you get stuck on an answer, you can get it from our FAQ page. We will ding you for a copy and paste answer though! You'll also need to have ordered from us before to become an affiliate.

When you pass the quiz, you'll still have a brief registration form to fill out as an affiliate. 

Image credit © Can Stock Photo / EpicStockMedia