Times and Seasons Healing Box Subscription

You know those monthly subscription boxes that you pay a monthly fee and get a surprise goodie every month? We decided to do something like that based on the Hebraic calendar!  

Every month, a new box designed to help you take advantage of the blessings hidden in God's timetable.   

Each month has it's specific purposes, that are more easily accomplished during that time than others.  For instance, as I'm writing this, we are in the time (Adar) to root out depression, despair and grief, and release joy. It's also about removing a mask, or any false identity, and overturning the negative stuff that people have said about us.  Take a look at our Nissan (April) box! 

​The idea is that when we follow the schedule God laid out in the stars, freedom in certain areas comes easier, and there are ​specific blessings to take advantage of.  There are special things God wants to bring forth in our lives every month that will propel us forward into our destiny.

Since this is a flower essence company after all, the focus will be on the specific types of healing that we need to walk through in order to fully step into the promises of the future months.  ​If you've never used flower essences, you will find that they are the easiest method of inner healing ever! (Scroll down for our flower essence FAQ.)

​Now, the disclaimer... There is no such thing as the wrong timing for healing. If something is bothering you, by all means, nevermind all this and go after what you really need. Look here for starters... But if you're a reasonably pulled together person, you like the idea of being on God's timetable, and like surprises in the mail, this is probably for you!​

What You're Going to Get At the Beginning of Each Jewish Month

  • A new flower essence blend with flowers chosen specifically to instigate and augment the healing offered during that time.
  • A write up so you know what's going on during that month and so you can be intentional.
  • A piece of jewelry that is significant to each of the Hebraic months.

How Much Is It?​

These are going to go for $20 a month, as a recurring billing subscription plan, or $200 per year which is like getting 2 months free.  Shipping is included. USA residents only.  

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What Are Flower Essences?

How Do You Use Them?

How Are Flower Essences Made?

Are Flower Essences the Same as Essential Oils?

Are They Safe?

How Can I Learn More About These?

I'm blown away!  Amazingly accurate!  The write-ups about each Hebraic month’s characteristics are truly right on and worth absorbing! I feel like I have a secret weapon and special insight to go with the flow of Creator’s time table. I encourage this investment into your health and wellbeing and have already seen the benefits for others in my family.

Sherry V

I started with these monthly custom combos in November. The first blend helped me with the craziness and chaos in my life. It gently and gradually assisted me with rising above the storm and to reach a better understanding of all that was going on and to not be overwhelmed by the things I cannot control.

The second combo opened up my spiritual senses and allowed me to begin to see the truth of the situation I was in and helped me begin to see my value and worth. I had lost myself over time and this second combo helped me begin to see who i really am and gave me the confidence to start cutting out the things that were holding me back from growth.

The third custom combo helped me not only walk away from a ten year addiction to marijuana, but it helped me walk away from smoking cigarettes. Best of all it helped me gain the confidence to leave an abusive relationship in the midst of leaving the other destructive behaviors.  The next combo is helping me grieve what walked away from.


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