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March 23, 2019

Can I Use Flower Essences For Physical Problems?

Flower essences are not herbs, drugs, or essential oils. They are for emotional healing. If you ask us a question such as “Which flower essence do I use for eczema?” prepare for the run around.  It’s not because we don’t want to answer your question. It’s because we can’t.  That’s not how flower essences work, and […]

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Flower Essences For Autism

Autism is a complex mental social and behavioral disorder. It’s broad which is why the word spectrum is used, so when I’m asked about flower essences for autism, it’s challenging for me who likes to give simple nutshell answers. Truth be told, I tend to ignore labels and focus on how whatever it is a […]

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February 20, 2017

Flower Essences For Writers

Today I broke down and made myself a writing blend. Sure M&M, Focus and Confidence can do in a pinch, but I needed some targeted help.   Writing is an emotional business, at least it should be, and there are plenty of pitfalls as such.  Here are some common issues and my floral suggestions for each. You […]

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