Developing Your Spiritual Senses With Flower Essences

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You may have noticed that we have essences for things that seem much more spiritual in nature, like seeing in the spirit, dreaming, getting revelation, getting in touch with wisdom, and tuning in to God. An important clarification is that essences don't give you anything you don't already have, they help you get out of your own way. 

Many times we have emotional blocks that prevent us from operating fully in our spiritual gifts. That's primarily the role of essences, to heal all the baggage we came in with, so that we can get back to the original condition where we are spiritually healthy tuned in people. In other instances, they help you become aware of what you've been overlooking. 

Gifts or Standard Operating Equipment?

We're tossing around the word gift pretty loosely here. Generally we tend to do that, and elevate what should be normal to some sort of mystical thing that either you have or you don't. So if you don't see in the spirit, for example, you chalk it up to being a gift that you don't have. But if someone is born blind, we all know that isn't normal, and isn't right. Just as we expect our five natural senses to be functioning, we should also consider it a travesty if our spiritual senses aren't operational. In other words, you should have multiple ways of accessing information from the spirit realm. 

When a baby is born, at first they don't see very well and have to develop visual skills in the first few months of their life. At birth a baby's eyesight is between 20/200 and 20/400! And in most cases, just as we have to develop our natural senses early on after we're born, we have to work on developing our spiritual ones as well. It's considered a mark of maturity to have exercised one's senses to discern.

Natural Sense

Spiritual Sense




Spiritual hearing (internal voice, occasional audible)


Sensing or "feeling"


Smelling things that have no natural explanation.


Metaphorical "sweetness" or "leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

But the gifts! Those things that just happen and you have a high ability without any work! Those are awesome. However, even those may need some development and effort, and there's a couple of reasons why that is. 

In many cases we've worked pretty hard to shut them down. That was certainly true for me, and with as much fervency as I've prayed against, will powered them out, and thrown up walls, I've had to work just as hard to get them back. Whatever you had when you were young but aren't using now, why did you shut it down? Was it scary, did you get talked to about your imagination, made fun of? Were you in a religious family that said it was the devil? Did it only get you into trouble and cause problems? 

Another theory I have when you have one single glorious experience that was crystal clear, is that it's like bait. Like God saying "here's a taste of what's possible, but you need to pursue and prioritize this." And we have our big moment, continue with our passivity and wonder why it never happens again. In those cases, I think we're back to developing it, stepping up to the responsibility of stewarding it, not begging for more in prayer. In any case, flower essences are not magic potions that give you supernatural abilities, and you don't get to take some drops, sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

So How Do You Develop Your Spiritual Senses?

My take is that you can start with whatever you've experienced in the past. If you had nightmares as a child, or were worried about monsters in your room, you're probably a seer that shut that ability down.  Hearing voices is not always a mental condition, even if the voices are bad. Mental illness or no, it means your spiritual ears work, so get them tuned into the right realm. 

You can also choose to build whatever area seems lacking to you. If you see just fine, but don't hear so much, you might want to look at why that block is there. You'll also want to make sure you understand what it means to "hear" and that you're not overly mysticizing it based on other people who enjoy seeming super spiritual. It's very possible you do hear or see or whatever, but have dismissed something so subtle and commonplace. 

However, if you decide this is worth pursuing, (and really, what's more important) then there are some things you can do that apply to every sense, and we'll get into specifics for each one in a bit.

  1. Set an intention to work on this. Setting aside time, reading books or listening to podcasts that keep you focused on spiritual development are cues to your subconscious that you are making this a priority in your life.
  2. Consider emotional blocks that might be in the way. What might happen if you let this in your life?
  3. Practice! Develop those skills. Show up every day. How bad do you want it?


Most Common Blocks:

We often shut down our vision as a kid because we see things we'd rather not, or well-meaning adults tell us it isn't real. Eventually we learn to disregard and ignore. 

The Discipline:

Set aside time every day to practice seeing. Work on not disregarding it as just your imagination.



Most Common Blocks:

The blocks here can be diverse, but Dad issues are a big one. We tend to project that relationship onto God, therefore He can be too busy, too distant, too flakey, too strict, abusive etc. If you have trouble with authority, you may be afraid of what you might hear. You might also write everything off as just thoughts. 

The Discipline:

Take notes of randomness throughout the day. Thoughts, coincidences, oddities. One isn't enough to attribute as hearing correctly, but patterns are. Journaling however brief can help you look back and realize that those impressions were valid, or that they weren't. You'll learn which ones are. You'll also want to make sure you understand what it means to "hear" and that you're not overly mysticizing it based on other people who enjoy seeming super spiritual. It's very possible you do hear or see or whatever, but have dismissed something so subtle and commonplace.



Most Common Blocks:

Nightmares as a child, too much going on presently in life. Disregarding them as pizza, your subconscious, etc. Not that they can't be those things, but write first and analyze source later.

The Discipline:

Have a journal and flashlight handy by the bed. Set an intention that you WILL write them down as soon as you wake up, even if middle of the night. Ask for dreams, and ask to be woken up so you can write them down. Begin to learn to interpret. Dreaming seems to necessitate stewardship far above the rest. 



Most Common Blocks:

Overwhelm and overload, needing to numb down in order to stay functional. Assuming you're the mess.

The Discipline:

Learning to pinpoint where everything is coming from rather than assuming it's your own feelings, and what to do about it. 



Most Common Blocks:

Thinking there's either a real reason for the smell or that you are going crazy.

The Discipline:

To be honest, I don't know that there is one for this. I think all you can do is entertain the idea that it may be valid spiritual information if you can't find the source of the scent.


Kathie Walters and Bob Jones Aroma interpretation list

You can get a package deal with many of the above essences and then some in our Spiritual Development Kit.


  1. Open Ears Flower Essence
  2. Vision Quest Flower Essence
  3. Dream Drops Flower Essence
  4. Awakening Sound Essence
  5. 528 Creative DNA Essence
  6. Accessing Your Spiritual Inheritance book

Because everyone is different, and we each have our own blocks, you might need to do a bit of experimenting and you may even find that different essences do different things than what the bottle says. For instance, many people dream on Vision Quest, and as Kellie says in this interview, Open Ears, rather than Dream Drops was the thing that unstuck her dreams and visions. The interview, by the way is really inspiring if you're working on your more visual capabilities. 

There are tons of resources out there to help you, I barely scratched the surface with my listing, but ultimately it comes down to your committment to making it a priority in your life. While I do have some testimonies of spiritual things opening up JUST by taking essences, I wouldn't count on that being the case for you. In most situations, you get out of it what you put into it, and if years of not trying haven't worked, then you might need to switch it up a bit.

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Founder of Freedom Flowers, Seneca has a strong understanding of frequencies found in nature and how they bring healing to the spiritual, emotional and thus, the physical body. She understands that humanity often shuts down in defense of pain or violation, and she knows what to offer to “unlock” areas that have become dormant over time. Seneca has a burning desire to bring healing to our issues in a gentle and natural way.