Do Essences Help Your Spirit?

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There seems to be a lot of confusion when I discuss essences that have an effect on your spirit. Some people use spirit and soul interchangeably, some people don't know we have one of those. My view is that we are three parts: spirit, soul, body. The quote about you being a spirit having a "temporary human experience" puts it into good perspective. We get very caught up in our earthly existence, even though we are transcendent beings.

To the best of my current understanding, essences work on the soul, not the spirit. I keep looking for evidence that there is a spirit level effect, but I'm not seeing it. Doesn't mean it isn't there, but at this point I'm reluctant to say that you can take an energetic substance for your spirit. So why then do I have all these essences for the spirit? Because so much of the impact on your spirit happens within soul and body. 

Soul Vs Spirit

It's not easy to differentiate between soul and spirit. Your soul is defined as your "mind, will, and emotions" yet your spirit seems to have all those too, although they aren't in tandem with the soul. From my perception, the lines aren't clear at any point between body, soul and spirit. For example, it seems quite easy to differentiate the body from the other two, but when you consider how much trapped emotion is stored in your body, is it really that separate? Your soul is also capable of being quite spiritual, and that's how we get involved in most spiritual pursuits, so that's not a clear line either.

Something I feel is a major difference, ("Feel" meaning I prayed about it and this is what I got) is that the soul is very programmable. It tends to operate from other input. This can be input from your spirit, other spirits, your atmosphere, people around you, teachers, books, all external stimuli. It's grabbing information and forming opinions based on a very narrow, subjective and experiential view about everything.

Your spirit is less impacted by the base things in life. It's plugged into a whole different realm, has a remembrance of heaven, and who you really are under all that conditioning. This is why it's imperative to have a spirit that's awake and functioning well, so it can transcend all our misguided inputs and get us back on a healthy, personally-right-for-us track.

Essences role in that process seems to go two ways. One is helping the soul give up fear and control to allow your spirit to step up and have a voice and a vote in your life. That would be Chrysanthemum. We've been working with that one in terms of your spirit healing your body and getting great testimonies back. Body Coaching blog post here. Body Coaching for Weight Loss here.

The other way essences help your spirit is by working on wounds. I've unpacked a lot of this in the blog post about spiritual gifts and common wounds that shut those down. 

We have an essence out called "Spirit Awaken." When we talk about a spirit that is asleep, the soul has initially taken the hit from not enough affection from your mother and father. This is not necessarily a "bad parents" issue. Even being an incubator baby can cause a person's spirit to shut down. We certainly have essences for abandonment, or feelings of being unloved, and things to help you forgive if that's needed. Part of what has to happen is you being able to receive the love that's available now in order to fully awaken, and if you're stuck on the "I don't need anybody" cope method, you're gonna have a hard time with any kind of spiritual connection.

Spirit Awaken is our newest essence. So new we don't know exactly how it does what it does, but it seems to give its users (at least the ones who are not INTPs) the signs of an awakened spirit.

What does an awakened spirit look like?

Consider that you and I and everybody else are somewhere on a spectrum with this. I don't know that anybody in existence is entirely awake or asleep. Moreover, there's a train of thought that your spirit has different portions, and/or can also be fragmented, and if that's so, then each could have their own state of affairs. 

There are some basically agreed upon things for the "spiritually woke."

You have a sense of awe and wonder towards something larger than yourself. God, or your higher power - you can tune in and flow. You're able to receive love on a spiritual level, therefore you can give it away, rather than simply agreeing on a mental level with the concepts of your spiritual path.  You're intuitive, and it pans out. 

You can transcend the pain of your present moment, realizing that even though it's bad right now, things can and will get better. If you get sick, you bounce back fairly quickly. You have few regrets, because when you really shouldn't do something, you know it on the front end rather than immediately after. 

And maybe the sign that seems most lacking these days, is that you see the heart behind other people's expression. If they use a poor choice of words, and you take it in the spirit in which it was meant rather than spiraling into offense, that is a sign of your spirit being able to track with theirs. Empaths, you've pretty much got this part down.

So depending on where you're at with all this, Spirit Awaken might be a good essence for you. I would consider the early testers to be very spiritually aware people, yet most of them came up a notch with it. Even those who have had some rather severe reasons for their spirits to need help. 

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