January 3, 2024

EMF Sensitivity?

Smart homes are exposed to harmful FM radiation from cell towers according to scientists

You've probably heard about the growing concerns over EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies) and how they affect our well-being. While EMFs aren't healthy for anyone, some people are hit harder than others.

The symptoms are vast, ranging from anxiety, tinnitus, and fatigue to heart palpitations, blurry vision, and even more serious conditions like cancer and dementia. It's a complex issue, and it's becoming increasingly challenging to avoid high EMF environments.

But why do some folks seem unaffected while others are profoundly impacted?

I started digging into this several years ago trying to find a common emotional root. I believed it to be a boundary violation issue. Boundary meaning poor energetic boundaries, probably from childhood trauma. Boundaries may not something you were allowed to have, which can range from sexual abuse to well-meaning helicopter parents.

The other boundary issue comes with being an empath. It wasn't safe for you to have boundaries so you took them down. Merging with other people around you gave you an advantage. If you could "read the room" you would know how to stay out of the way when a bad mood was present. 

And up til now, the essence we have offered people with EMF issues has been Yarrow Shield. The Yarrow has been carried over to the EMF Shield blend. 

Another issue that can tip a person toward EMF sensitivity is heavy metal toxicity. Heavy metals in your brain act as micro-antennas, concentrating and increasing reception of EMF radiation. Maybe you've heard of people with lots of metal in their mouth picking up radio signals? There's some controversy over whether or not that's a real thing, but do you really wanna call Lucile Ball and others a liar? And if people's fillings can pick up radio, how much more are they picking up 5G?

That's why we've included frequencies for heavy metal removal in the EMF Shield blend.

Cumulative exposure plays a role too. Being constantly bombarded with EMFs without recovery time can be more harmful than short, intense bursts. Our environments are unique, and we need to adapt.

I'm one of those unbothered people. We don't have 5g here, we don't even have 4g yet, and when I go to areas that have it, I don't know the difference. Yet, our smart meter is on an outbuilding rather than our actual house, and we have whole house remediation in place at our house, the office and all the buildings where essences are stored. I'm cautious even though I don't have issues.

EMF sensitivity often goes hand in hand with multiple chemical sensitivity and mold toxicity. Detoxing these can lead to improvements across the board. While EMF Shield doesn't specifically address MCS or mold issues, we can create a custom combo or a "you choose" bioessence to help.

So EMF Shield, it seems like the majority of people are wondering how to fit this into their life, especially as they are working on other things with essences. Our usual advice holds true for flower essences. No more than 7 individual essences unless you are willing to go through the process of finding out what your system can handle. EMF Shield has 3 flowers in it. That means you can use Peaceful Sleep (which only has 4 flower essences in it) with EMF Shield without having to experiment. 

With hertz frequencies, we are still figuring out how much is too much. Your body is tougher than your emotions. It doesn't seem as easily overloaded. We do know that every time you add on another direction, you subdivide your body's healing process and depending on how important reaching a result is, you might not want to do that.

We had an early tester using it with patients who had radiation problems and he said it corrected things right away. Basically doing what an hour of grounding would do. Therefore you may choose to only use EMF Shield during times of high exposure or right after. However, if you want the benefits of heavy metal detox and the mineral frequencies and other things, using it on an ongoing basis would be best. Detoxing resolves tons of issues. Even some mental/emotional ones. 

Which brings me to the "what's the mineral content" questions. This is not a mineral supplement. It's frequency. There are no amounts, no percents of RDA here. You're not going to overdose on the mineral frequencies. However it may not be enough for you and we don't recommend substituting it for minerals you already take. 


Can I take EMF Shield with other essences?  Yes with some our blends, try and see with others. Your mileage may vary. Our "no more than 7 individual flower essences at a time" guideline still stands, but bioessences are a bit different

How do I know if I need EMF Shield?  Unless you are somehow living completely off grid in a remote jungle, then yes, we all can benefit from it even if you aren't as sensitive to EMF as some people are. (If you are in that remote jungle how are you reading this email?) 

What is the content quantity of each ingredient?
EMF Shield is a vibrational product just like all our other essences. There is no physical mineral, flower, or otherwise to measure quantity.

Supplements that help

Our food doesn't really meet our nutritional needs, even if we were living in the conditions of a hundred years ago, let alone today with the onslaught of chemicals and electromagnetic radiation. Yet there are still a lot of people who insist that food is the best way and we shouldn't need to supplement. In an ideal world, like pre-industrial revolution, that would be true. But because our soil is becoming so depleted, and because we deal with so many toxins, we need some extra, or a lot of extra help.

But let's focus on EMF for a minute. What happens when we are subjected to electromagnetic radiation is the cells shed their protective calcium coating, which then causes the body to begin to lose minerals. Minerals we can't afford to lose because they keep us functional. Moreover, these minerals are the things that keep us resistant to the damage. 

Zinc: Think of it as a protective shield for your brain. Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) can mess with your brain's balance, causing damage. Zinc, like a superhero, might help reduce this damage when taken over a long time.

Iodine: This mineral is a real multitasker. It's like a shield against both ionizing radiation (like X-rays) and non-ionizing radiation (like EMF). It helps your thyroid gland, repairs damaged cells, and even helps your immune system. Plus, it might help get rid of heavy metals, which some think make you more susceptible to EMF.

Magnesium: Think of it as an essential worker for your cells. It helps around 400 different processes in your body. EMF can mess with these processes, so having enough magnesium is vital. It also helps balance calcium in your cells, which can go haywire due to EMF. And it's essential for energy production.

Copper and Boron: We don't know exactly how these two work, but there is a lot of people in a certain Facebook group testifying that they are effective against EMF sensitivity. They definitely are potent detoxifiers, especially of heavy metals which play a role in how well you handle EMFs. 

Of course raising minerals means you raise other nutrients as well to keep a balance. Iodine needs selenium for example. You need copper if you supplement zinc. 

Other helpful things besides minerals:

Glutathione: This is your body's superhero antioxidant. But when faced with environmental toxins like EMF, it can get a bit weak. EMF can create troublemakers called free radicals that can harm your cells.

Hydrogen: Molecular hydrogen is like a superhero that fights those pesky free radicals, especially the ones caused by EMF. Drinking hydrogen-rich water might make it easier for your body to protect itself from the damage EMF can cause.

NADH: This is like a spark plug for your body's energy production. Scientists believe that it's crucial for your brain and nervous system, which might be affected by long-term EMF exposure.

Resveratrol: Found in plants, it's like an antioxidant for your body. It's been shown to reverse the negative effects of EMF exposure on power plant workers in a recent study.

All of these frequencies and then some are in the EMF Shield already. However, we encourage actual mineral use as well to give your body something to work with besides frequencies. That doesn't mean these are not effective. Nutrient frequencies help you cover more bases, and act as a signal to the body that can interact with cell receptors in a way that is similar to the physical nutrients. They may help you make the most of what you're getting through food and supplements. We also understand that most people are not going to run out, buy, and consume all these things because that's a lot! Therefore, we load up our bioessences because we can. 🙂 For the full list of what we've put in the EMF Shield, take a look at the product page. 


Founder of Freedom Flowers, Seneca has a strong understanding of frequencies found in nature and how they bring healing to the spiritual, emotional and thus, the physical body. She understands that humanity often shuts down in defense of pain or violation, and she knows what to offer to “unlock” areas that have become dormant over time. Seneca has a burning desire to bring healing to our issues in a gentle and natural way.