How We Might Work Together

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If you have a shop, are a coach, healer, or in some way serve people in healing, breaking through their blocks and reaching their destiny, you’ve probably realized that flower essences can help with all that. There are several ways we can work together, which I’ll lay out here.

Whether you want to wholesale or become an affiliate, we require you to already BE a customer. For one thing, we aren't comfortable with you recommending products you've never used. We also have our continuing education which comes via our email list when you purchase. Some of it is specific to the products you bought, much of it applies to essences in general. There are a lot of eroneous beliefs I encounter daily, even by experienced users.  What works for you personally is not necessarily the right way for the general population and you may need to be able to suggest different methods depending on what your person is experiencing. We put out what we've found to be "best practices." For that reason, I'd advise you do the free mini-course if you're new here and actually try our products for yourself. 


Everybody asks about wholesale, so let’s get that one out of the way first. We do wholesale on the Bouquet Blends, Gemstone, Sound, and bio essences only for 50% of retail with a minimum of 12. (Mix and match.) We do not do wholesale for the individual flower essences and we don't allow people to sell wholesale in an online store. If you sell online, you need to do the affiliate program instead.  

You get the little papers that tell what's in it and the usage directions on the back, but the bulk of the education about healing crises and adjusting dosage would be on you. For that reason, it’s to your advantage to be on the mailing list because I put out a ton of information for free. I find that the users who are left to figure it out on their own don’t do as well, and therefore are not repeat customers, so wholesalers who are more connected to their clientele, such as practitioners do better with this. So much so that I strongly caution you against turning these loose in a store if you would like repeat business. We are not Bach. This stuff packs a punch and people need to understand how to work with undesirable effects as well as get it to work in the first place. 

To get started, fill this out, but only if you've already shopped with us and have a store account. 


Wholesale Pros and Cons



  • Good profit margin
  • Clients and customers have it right away
  • Having products is sometimes a helpful supplement to service-based businesses.


  • Education and customer service is all you.
  • Somewhat of an upfront investment
  • Not for online businesses

Affiliate Program

Being an affiliate means you earn a commission by referring people. It’s ideal for online sales, less so if you work in person with people. You earn less than selling by wholesale, but there’s also no upfront investment. I handle the customer service and education. To earn an affiliate commission, they have to click through on your unique link to my site. 

If you work in person with someone, that can be done by sending them a followup email, perhaps with a summary of your recommendations or “homework” that they are to do between appointments and an essence suggestion to support the work they are doing. 

If you’re a blogger, affiliate programs, as you know are ideal, and you can update old blog posts about health or personal development with suggested essences, as well as write a fresh post specifically to introduce your audience to essences. We have banner graphics you can use, but it’s not enough to stick a graphic on your site and assume people will click. 

You can find more information and the sign up info here.

Affiliate Pros and Cons


  • No expense on your part
  • They get all my education and support
  • Ideal for online businesses


  • Not ideal for offline businesses
  • Lower profits

Practitioner Training

The best but most intense option would be to go through the Practitioner training and start making them custom blends on the spot. The profit margin is high, and your clients get something tailored specifically for their needs. 

Training Pros and Cons


  • Best profit margin
  • Clients and customers have an individualized solution
  • Adds to your authority as a healer/more tools in your box


  • Education and customer service is all you.
  • Upfront investment of both time and money
  • More of a commitment

There’s also no reason not to do more than one of these. In the end, what you do has to make sense for your business. Feel free to message me if there's a specific way you envision incorporating flower essences with what you do.