November 10, 2023

Contradictory Advice? When Your Practitioner Says Something Different

Two women in a flower garden having an intense discussion

Often we’ll get people referred by practitioners and given some instructions contradictory to our dosage or usage instructions. We can understand being a little confused as to who to listen to!

We are big fans of personal responsibility, autonomy, and using your own head. If we aren’t very busy, we’ll generally try to give you information so you can make your own choices. This can be infuriating to some who would rather just be told what to do, and a breath of fresh air to others. If we’re busy, or we need to take some Impatiens essence, or you continue to push the “just tell me what to do” angle, you’ll get the spiel which is the instructions that we find get the best results for the vast majority of people.

The “spiel” is solid info, but it fails to consider individualism. The spiel doesn’t work all times for all people which is why we insist you get on our email list and actually learn some things. The spiel then becomes a best practices starting point and you adjust from there, because you are you and you are not “everybody else.” 

This is where a practitioner comes in. They can tailor customized advice to you, and it’s up to you to evaluate that advice against ours. Some things to consider:

  • Do they understand what flower essences are and how they work? If they are stating things like “only topical use, never internal” that is a red flag that they believe these are essential oils. It's very good advice — for essential oils.
  • Have they had any actual training in essences? We’re not saying formal training is the only way to be effective, but it’s a better bet than somebody who only personally uses them and is assuming what works for them is applicable to everyone.
  • If they are telling you to take 3 different blends, what are they basing this on? Is this some kind of scan that is recommending things? In which case it doesn’t mean take them all at once. A muscle test? We are very dubious that taking that many frequencies at once is going to get you a good result. Yes, those are all probably good ideas for you, but you get to determine your priorities. It would be better to find out what essences in those blends are actually helpful to you, what is dead weight, and get a DIY custom combo instead. Your practitioner may need to know about this option and help you figure it out.
  • While we’re on the subject of muscle testing, intention is key to getting an accurate answer. But if your practitioner is operating with a false premise in their head regarding essences, it will skew the results. A common sign of a false premise is thinking in terms of dilution rather than frequency. If you have to have x drops in x amount of water, that’s a false premise. They don’t actually understand this stuff yet. 

While we tend to believe the best of people in healing professions, and more so of those who are recommending flower essences, in most cases, we don’t know your practitioner. We aren’t going to endorse their instructions that run counter to ours. Please don’t ask us for permission to follow their advice. Not our department. You are an adult that can choose who is making the most sense and who you trust. If you feel that you have gotten individualized advice specific to your situation from your practitioner, which is the point of going to one, feel free to deviate from what we say. We seriously won’t get offended and we’ll be here if it doesn’t work out. 

What’s the worst that could happen if you follow the wrong advice? Generally it’s ineffectiveness or a healing crisis. Neither of those things is catastrophic, so go ahead and try. You can always adjust. 

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