September 19, 2023

How Bioessences Work

Floral wreath in greens, teals, and apricot with dropper bottles and the post title in the center.

I know the bioessences are still somewhat of a mystery, heck, you may not even have your head around flower, gem and sound essences and here we go with this other thing. Well, hopefully we never stop innovating. But let's try and unpack some of how these new essences work. 

What is a Bioessence?

Bioessences are a name that we made up to describe a blend that has hertz frequencies for the issue we want to address, flower essences for the emotional components of that same issue, (because most chronic maladies are emotionally rooted) and then frequencies of various natural supplements known to help that issue. These are the most comprehensive natural supplements I've ever seen.  

All three frequency types work on different levels, so our usual "don't combine more than seven things" ceases to apply here. Other than that, you use them exactly the way you would use any other flower essence. 

First, the Hertz Frequencies

We discuss these the least in our bioessence descriptions, because there's not much to say. We use a string of numbers that likely doesn't mean much to you, so it gets glossed over in our marketing, but these are the main thing when we construct our formulas. The reason our bioessences work so well is because of these. 

We're basing the work with the frequencies we choose heavily on the work pioneered by Royal Rife. If you're into alternative medicine that might be all I have to say and you get it.

Royal Rife, a scientist from the early 20th century, proposed that if you could find and then apply the precise frequency that matches a microorganism's (bacteria, virus, parasite, mold, fungi, amoeba etc) natural vibration, you could disrupt its structure and function. This is similar to how a high-pitched sound can shatter a glass with the right frequency. 

In fact, here is a 2 min video of bacteria bursting and dying when the correct frequency is applied. I believe this is in real time. It doesn't take a long application. Watching them spew their contents really shows why we sometimes feel yucky and need to scale back, drink water, etc.

There's another process called entrainment for organs (rather than targeting microorganisms) that's similar. Again, healthy organs each have their own unique resonant frequency. When there's some sort of dysfunction, the frequency drops and they may begin to entrain with specific disease processes. Using those frequencies of healthy organs is like a reminder or a calling to come back into sync. It gives the body a signal of the way back to health from wherever it's at. Sometimes we'll use this type of signaling along with the above idea of disrupting a pathogen because in many cases both are needed. 

Frequencies of Vitamins? Herbs?

Yes, we use those to round these blends out, because why not? Most people simply aren't going to take all the supplements, although we still encourage you to do that. Your body needs some physical nutrients too, not just frequencies. Yet, these help you cover more bases, and act as a signal to the body that can  interact with cell receptors in a way that is similar to the physical nutrients. They may help you make the most of what you're getting through food and supplements. 


Founder of Freedom Flowers, Seneca has a strong understanding of frequencies found in nature and how they bring healing to the spiritual, emotional and thus, the physical body. She understands that humanity often shuts down in defense of pain or violation, and she knows what to offer to “unlock” areas that have become dormant over time. Seneca has a burning desire to bring healing to our issues in a gentle and natural way.