March 23, 2019

Can I Use Flower Essences For Physical Problems?

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Flower essences are not herbs, drugs, or essential oils. They are for emotional healing. If you ask us a question such as "Which flower essence do I use for eczema?" prepare for the run around. 

It's not because we don't want to answer your question. It's because we can't.

That's not how flower essences work, and if you want a remedy for a condition, you want an herb, a drug or an oil. Moreover, we can't claim to treat or cure any disease, and even if the FDA were out of the picture, we still couldn't. Flower essences and physical conditions simply do not correlate.

However, most chronic physical problems have an emotional root. 

Emotional roots are flower essences' forte. Often when you aren't getting the results you want from doing all the right things on the physical side, it's because you've overlooked some emotional or spiritual components that are keeping you from healing. This is where flower essences can help.

Every organ in your body vibrates at a specific frequency. There are certain emotions that have an affinity for those organs, and tend to take up residence there causing dysfunction.  Flower essences' mode of healing is by adjusting frequencies and shifting emotional states, so that your body has an opportunity to recover, either on its own or helped by other things that you are doing.

Interestingly, when some people are taking an essence for emotional healing, they'll often report back that things are going on with their digestive system. They weren't expecting a physical reaction, but because emotions are so connected to our body, they'll feel the shifting there before anything improves emotionally. 

I don't know about you, but the neatly packaged answer never seems to work for me anyway. It would be nice if it did, but someone else's pat answer is always a bubble off of where I need to be. That is in part because we're all individuals and we should be treated accordingly. That said, there are some common emotional themes to different physical issues, and it may be enough to get you in the ballpark for where to begin as far as emotional healing with essences. What we can do, is give you a point of exploration. 

Spirit, Soul, and Body

We are triune beings; spirit, soul and body, and it's rarely only one area of our life that suffers as such. Yet we tend to focus on each independently. We treat the body as purely physical, looking for substances we can take, we treat the mind as emotional and forget that exercising our body can help our mood, and we do spiritual things for our spirit, forgetting that even eating can be a spiritual endeavor. 

So, back to our question. "What flower essence do I take for (insert medical condition here.) Well, first of all, you need a medical professional on the case. Most of you who wind up here have been there done that. If you're doing everything you know to do physically, stay the course, but let's look at your life back when this problem first started. What was going on then? Were there any major stressors? Did something bad happen? When you live with this on a day to day basis, are there times when it's worse? What's going on those days? 

Where it gets tricky is that there are a bunch of things caused by childhood stuff that lies low all those years and then unleashes fury on your 30's and 40's. All that stuff needs healing ASAP. Even if you're not feeling it yet. 

So no easy answers. 

You might search in our Q&A group to see if there's been discussion around your issue. If not, you can post the question asking about emotional roots that might be involved, and you can google "emotional causes of ________" or "spiritual causes of ______." 

The physical issue itself can often provide clues to the emotional root. Our bodies may be mirroring the feelings we haven't really expressed or identified. For example, plantar fasciitis is an issue where your feet aren't getting proper support; a lot of times this points to feeling unsupported in life in general and life the people you need to be able to rely on aren't there for you. Breaking a physical issue down to the simplest explanation of what it is can help reveal what those emotional roots might be.

As you're googling and thinking metaphorically, you can also consider which side of the body it's on. Sometimes back = past and front is your worries or perception about the future. Your feet in particular often move you forward. Left side can be related to intimacy or female issues (meaning issues with your own feminine side or issues with another female.) Right can relate to dominion or male.

Here's a couple things we've tackled in previous blog posts

For a less in-depth but broader coverage, download our big pdf Emotional Roots of Physical Conditions.

Some thoughts on accidents.

People quickly write off accidents as not having an emotional component, but if you have them often, for no reason, there could be something there. Habanero can sometimes help with a spacey accident-proneness and Skullcap or Hyssop with a self-sabotage tendency. 

Another accident issue is when you don't heal. It was a clear cut accident but the healing process is either non-existent or inappropriately long. I did a custom combo for someone with phantom limb pain. He had survivor guilt, a lot of trauma and a subconscious vow to suffer. Once that was dealt with, the pain went. 

In case you didn't hear me earlier, do not ask me which essences for phantom limb pain! His story is not your story, and those essences don't work the same for one amputee as another. I know cause I tried. The point of all this is not "I can fix phantom limb pain." The point is that emotional pain can become physical pain and very likely, the only one who can dig out the roots is you. But if you can identify them, we can help. 

Recovery and Align Blends

These two blends are ones we've made to help with what we've found to be really consistent emotional roots of physical issues. If you read through all the flowers in Recovery, you'll notice nothing in it goes after physical healing directly, but all of them support the common emotional needs we experience in a season of healing and recovery. 

Same with Align, the flower essences in that blend aren't working directly on anything physical, but they are working on the stress we so often end up holding onto physically as well as other emotions we tend to express in our musculature. 

We won't be making a blend like these for every physical issue, but you can always order a custom combo to go after your personal emotional roots.

So can you use flower essences for physical problems?

Indirectly, yes. To the degree that the physical issue is emotionally rooted. 

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Founder of Freedom Flowers, Seneca has a strong understanding of frequencies found in nature and how they bring healing to the spiritual, emotional and thus, the physical body. She understands that humanity often shuts down in defense of pain or violation, and she knows what to offer to “unlock” areas that have become dormant over time. Seneca has a burning desire to bring healing to our issues in a gentle and natural way.