SRA/DID Help Page

colorful flowers against a blue sky

Many people with SRA and/or DID are not working while they are healing and money for healing is an issue. I'll work with you, as long as you are in the USA and also getting help elsewhere. (Non USA, if you can pay the shipping, then lets talk.)

The benefit of flower essences, is that they can effect the whole person, so you're not working individually with parts. Some parts typically experience an essence more than others, but it covers quite a bit of ground in an easy way. For more info on essences with DID, check out this blog post. 

By the way, when I say DID, I'm referring to Dissociative Identity Disorder which is different from having your garden variety spilt parts. In the inner healing world, I've seen lots of confusion over this, and not everyone has a formal diagnosis. Soul fragmentation occurs on a spectrum, with DID on the far end of that spectrum. To have DID, you have to have at least 2 alters (meaning parts that have their own personalities, abilities, preferences and identities.) There's also switching involved, where a lessor form of fragmentation you can be co-conscious with your parts.

So if we're agreed on what DID is, and you're it, you can get one thing every two months. It can be a custom combo, a Bouquet Blend, gem or sound essence. Custom combos are the best for a long standing issue, but getting a collection going of things like Stay Calm and Crisis Care or Amethyst are also good to have handy to get you out of a moment you're in. 

This isn't entirely altruistic of me, because I'll also send something to test. These are experimental essences that we don't know what they do yet, and need feedback on.  You'll take them for a short period of time and keep a journal of how you feel, or changes that have happened while taking them.  I value my DID testers, because you eliminate some variables in testing. Several alters are all getting the exact same dosage taken at the same time with the same frequency, and each feels it and describes it a little differently. I appreciate that level of feedback from parts, but if you're not that self-aware, that's ok too. You can be like the rest of us mere mortals. 🙂

The schedule goes like this:

  • 5th of the month, we talk and figure out what you need personally for your next few weeks
  • I send whatever that is, plus a research essence
  • You take your flower essence for the following 3 weeks or so
  • On the 1st of the following month, start the research essence and talk with us in the facebook group, or send your thoughts on it privately
  • Take the research essence anywhere from a few days, to as long as you want if you find it helping.

The other helpful aspect is that with flower essences, if that flower addresses something that the person isn't having an issue with, then they feel no change, which doesn't help us identify what it does. The more parts you have, the more likely an essence will land and be helpful to both you and me. I am so sorry to be using your pain and suffering, but this is going to make headway for those coming along behind you. We're going to be smarter about healing.

I want to look at this as a long term relationship, which means you need to be comfortable with me first, so some ways of getting to know me and the work I do with essences are through looking around on my website and blog, signing up for the free mini-course, and connecting with me on Facebook.  Feel free to not make the decision to sign up for this right now, but bookmark it so you can find it when you're ready.

If you are unfamiliar with flower essences (they aren't oils) here are some places to start.

I want to give wisely, and my history of wrongly giving free product to people who needed it is long. I'm learning.  I need to make sure you're invested in your healing and that this is something you value and will follow through on. The way I've come up with to do that is a combination of the $10 charge and the feedback. If at anytime either of us feels like this isn't working well, we can discontinue.