April 1, 2020

Covid-19: Freedom Flowers’ Response + Supportive Resources For You

Clipboard surrounded by flowers, paper on clipboard says,

Yes! We are open and still shipping six days a week!

Covid 19 isn’t making much of a difference in the way we do things so far. Our customer service reps including me (Seneca) generally do that part of the work from home, and our physical location has never been open to the public.


Because energetic remedies tend to have more contamination scenarios (such as improper energy) than mere physical germ or bacteria related ones  we’ve always been no-touch and do salt clearings on all equipment. We use UV sterilization as opposed to chemicals, and don’t work in the bottling/shipping facility when sick or even out of sorts.

About the only thing that’s changed is attention to length of hand washing time. We are loving these soaps from Sweet Home Soaps by the way. 

Our county currently (as of 7/21) only has had four confirmed cases of Covid 19 and that's been since April. There’s no hassle about us going to work there so far, and I can only see us shutting down in the event of martial law being enforced. We are currently under martial law in Idaho, but feeling pretty free despite that. So it’s business as usual here, but it’s probably very different for you. Read on for some ideas on how we can make your life easier and smoother right now. 


The main thing that we want to accomplish, is reducing your stress and anxiety loads. Those two things can tank your immune system, and push you to make poor or risky choices. Whatever stress looks like for you in this season, lets find some solutions to minimize it so that if you are exposed to the virus, you can use all your resources toward fighting and healing. 

Several months ago we launched our Pandemic Support blend to help you stay above the fray of all the fear in the atmosphere while still being wise and following through with health promoting practices. It also has a little bit of lung support in there as well.


Not everybody is worried about getting sick though. Maybe the stress for you is more financial...

Prosper flower essence addresses lack, but in a greater way than just money. Resources come in many forms, and we can get in our own way sometimes in our pursuit of them. 

We can recite all the affirmations or scriptures we want, or work hard to get it, but if what we assert is not congruent with our core beliefs, our efforts fall flat.  

Not Good With Change? 

Adapt is our other one made specially for this season, to help us navigate all the changes to the ways we have to do things. Some of us don't have the best adaptation skills, and it's a contributor to stress, which is no good for your immune system.


How are things being cooped up with your family?

Are they on your last nerve yet? Does one of 'em have an attitude that's setting everyone else off? Anger Management and Peace are some ideas. Anger Management is more specific towards Anger and Peace handles grumpy that comes with stress and worry. 

If You Are Essential Personnel...

Yarrow Shield

Just because everybody else is in a tizzy doesn't mean you have to match energies.

Stress Less

The whole thing is generally stressful on every level. 


You're having to do things differently than you've always done them. It's a pain.

Is This Supposed to Be Your Vacation? 

There are a lot of us who really need a break. You may be one who’s been given a mandatory Staycation that you need to take. If you are a chronic “doer” and you know you need to take advantage of the downtime, try Rest Stone. It’s at its best used longer than just a weekend.


Need to be Smart With Time?

Maybe you're home trying to do all the things that have been put off while working too many hours. Maybe you're under unprecedented demands of having to meet all work deadlines while homeschooling childre. Maybe it's actually harder to accomplish things because kids are home too. Maybe you just want to accomplish something substantial. History is filled with stories of inventors and scientists, writers and others doing ground breaking work during the plagues. What are you going to work on? If you have a list of things you’ve been waiting to tackle, get some M&M because this time going to fly. 

The closer you can target your stress issue, the better. You're an individual, the best thing for you might not be in our Corona round-up above. Take a look at the Bouquet Blends, and if you need something more specific, I'm still doing Custom Blends as well. 

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Founder of Freedom Flowers, Seneca has a strong understanding of frequencies found in nature and how they bring healing to the spiritual, emotional and thus, the physical body. She understands that humanity often shuts down in defense of pain or violation, and she knows what to offer to “unlock” areas that have become dormant over time. Seneca has a burning desire to bring healing to our issues in a gentle and natural way.