Body Coaching with Chrysanthemum

When we were testing Chrysanthemum flower essence, some exciting things started happening. For one thing, most of us found that it gave us good happy energy throughout the day, yet we rested when appropriate - except when we couldn't sleep. Most of us developed insomnia, and some of us started instructing our bodies. Simple things like "Go back to sleep, you can do it. Go to sleep and wake up in 2 hours" or "You don't need to be awake right now, you need to rest to feel good" to "muscles relax, uncramp and be peaceful." Instant results.

Now, I have not had this before. I have certainly tried speaking to my body, taking authority over issues, etc., and found it easier to get results on somebody else rather than myself. With Chrysanthemum, all this came as kindness, and an understanding. There was a completely different tone. The only hard edge on my voice was when there was negative entity involvement. The rest was more like coaching and encouraging. "I know you can do it." 

Dominion over our Bodies

I put a note out for any Rabbit Holers (you might call them Guinea Pigs, but they assist in my rabbit hole investigations so…) taking it to do a dominion check. In other words, see if you have a greater dominion over your physical body. Test it on something you've had prayer for in the past, but hasn't budged.

Impressive Results:
A migraine vanished instantly, 20-year-old intestinal issue shifted with new awareness, flu duration shortened, Plantar fasciitis better and true cause revealed and assorted other small wins. 

Like any kid with a shiny new toy, I played with it all day long.  I felt like some mild food poisoning was coming on, (I usually have a stomach like a trash compactor so none of what I said was a lie). I told my digestive system it handles stuff like this like a champ and it just needed to make a little more stomach acid, and I mentally connected a memory of when I felt that happen. Then I said it had always been wise in the past so permission granted to push this out either end. (Sorry, body stuff can be graphic.) I commanded the toxins to be neutralized, had an uncomfortable half hour, and then all good. 

I had some other areas that weren't operating in as much wisdom as I thought my digestive system was. I told my muscles to relax. I told the various groups that pointed to an emotional root of feeling unsupported (not true) that we have more support now than all previous years put together and that they don't need to maintain that holding pattern. Even if all the support went away, things would not be like they were. Relax. I told my feet that there was support for walking the weird paths, that they were celebrated for this. The pain left, but then popped up elsewhere. I told that spirit to go and told my body parts that if they resisted the devil, he would flee. They didn't have to passively accept everything that comes

A month or two later, I awoke at 2 am feeling like I was coming down with something. Just the beginnings of scratchy throat. I took some Airborne, slammed some olive leaf and vitamin C, and went back to bed. I told my white blood cells to multiply and attack. I told my body to heat up and cook this out. In about 20 mins I was running a low-grade fever and uncomfortable, but I knew this is what I said so I let it run. When it was time to get up, I mentally connected my feet hitting the floor with my temperature normalizing and I went about my day feeling fine. 

Realigning Body Soul & Spirit

What I believed was happening is that the chrysanthemum was helping to realign the spirit among the body and soul after the spirit has been pushed aside for so long. There is a school of thought out there that the fast track to body and soul healing is to have the spirit in a more prominent position.

The spirit has a direct line to God, and possibly even pre-programmed to know what to do for all our emergencies and issues. You can learn more about this in Arthur Burk's free download Developing Your Spirit. The blessings in the audio file are an excellent companion to using Chrysanthemum.

More Research
Back to the Rabbit Holers. I put up a poll just to try to gauge numbers on the dominion check experiment. Most people said that some of their physical issues resolved but not all, the second highest number said that it just plain worked. The third was that it worked but came back. Nobody reported that it didn't work at all.

We also talked about the difference in how we were speaking to ourselves. If this is our spirit, our spirits are awesomely kind and compassionate vs. our bossy take charge souls. This self-talk voice has love in it.

Even though we haven't had total success, I'm very excited about the results so far. For one thing, nobody had been on it very long at that point. For another, for the first time, I can distinguish between the voice of my soul and spirit, and I know that both are in the middle of telling my body what's up.  I'm assuming that's what is going on with the others as well; we're defaulting to what we think we know in some cases and are not entirely speaking to the roots of things and what needs to happen. Thus, the half-asleep state with our souls in the backseat got us the most dramatic results. I'm guessing this is also why we've seen only physical issues addressed, and not soul wounds as of yet.

Try it for Yourself

I have added Chrysanthemum to the Recovery blend, or you can buy it individually. Recovery is also in the Healthy and Whole kit if you're really serious about triune body-soul-spirit balance and wellness. 

Update: After writing this, we went on to test the idea with weight loss. You can learn about that here. 

Individual Chrysanthemum

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Founder of Freedom Flowers, Seneca has a strong understanding of frequencies found in nature and how they bring healing to the spiritual, emotional and thus, the physical body. She understands that humanity often shuts down in defense of pain or violation, and she knows what to offer to “unlock” areas that have become dormant over time. Seneca has a burning desire to bring healing to our issues in a gentle and natural way.