February 6, 2016

Emotional and Spiritual Causes of Cancer

Can flower essences do anything for cancer?  The short answer is no, not directly or in the way that you probably think.  Flower essences are not cancer killers, however, they are dismantlers of the dis-ease that can set us up and keep us primed for physical illnesses.  

Particularly when we see people beat cancer only to have it come back later, we have to wonder did they really get it all, or are there some deeper, less physical roots creating problems? If we look at ourselves as triune beings; spirit, soul, and body, and heal on every level, we will triumph in more ways than one.

Emotional Roots of Cancer

Cancer seems to need lots of forgiveness.  Not the disease itself, but to pull the plug on the emotions fueling it.  Cancer that is genetic may mean that the emotional conditions are too.  Does anger also run in your family?  You'll want to forgive your former generations for being that way, and forgive yourself for following suit.  Spiritual cleansing of the bloodline might be in order for any cancer/emotions I bring up here.

Most of cancer has a bitter or angry root, the different forms it takes are as myriad as types of cancers.  Starting with some Plantain and Sweet Cherry, then adding in for current stress issues, and the emotion under the specific cancer is a way toward the right supportive essence blend.  

I hesitate to start naming emotions, because "nothing is always" when it comes to spiritual work, but I can throw some things out there and you can see if it's true for you.  Those will be excellent starting points for emotional detox and cancer healing.  

Colon Cancer

Judgemental or critical attitudes, bitterness and unforgiveness, causing division rather than spreading peace are possibilities here.  Anger Management and the Peace blend are all good here.  

Breast Cancer

This is often related to bitterness, and some sort of conflict with another female.  Left breast will be "in the family conflict" and the right is unresolved conflict with someone not a blood relative. Think coworker, mother-in-law, or even a husband.  Mother issues need Evening Primrose.  Others depend on personal dynamics, but Plantain is a good overall forgiveness essence.

Ovarian cancer

Not being accepting of one's femininity or sexuality.  This can be anything from transgender or simply religious "sex is dirty" types of thinking.  It's basically a lack of self-acceptance. Easter lily, Basil, Hyssop depending...

Hodgkin's and Leukemia

Many times this comes from unresolved rejection and bitterness towards a father or father figure. Sunflower essence is a start here. 

I know that this is an incomplete list, but I'm sure you're getting the picture by now.  Cancer is a symptom of conflict, bitterness and unforgiveness.  Do some soul searching, get some essences and move on with your life!  

See me for a custom blend!

Stress and the Acid/Alkaline Balance

I'm sure if you've been researching what to do, you've come upon the subject of ph.  Cancer can only proliferate in an acidic body, and maintaining an alkaline ph is widely considered one of the most healthy things you can do.  There are food lists and recommended supplements, but a major known cause of acidosis is stress!  

According to PsychologicalHarrassment.com there is a "stress weapon" which is to induce stress upon a person over a long period of time in order to intentionally harm a person or cause their premature death through illness such as cancer or heart and stroke disease.

Properly handling or eliminating (yeah right) stress is as important as the foods on the do's and don'ts list.  There's no one flower answer, although we have a Stress-Less blend, you just need to find the right one for your particular brand of stress.  

Having cancer is plenty stressful on it's own, and I created the Recovery blend with cancer in mind, to alleviate fear, be positive and tune into what your body needs for balance.  

Getting Your Spirit in Charge of Your Healing Process

Your spirit has a direct line to God and knows everything that's going wrong in your body. It's your best health coach, but your soul is generally usurping that position. We used Chrysanthemum flower essence with great results. You can read about the how-to's here.

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Flower essences and cancer


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