February 20, 2017

Flower Essences For Writers

Today I broke down and made myself a writing blend. Sure M&M, Focus and Confidence can do in a pinch, but I needed some targeted help.  

Writing is an emotional business, at least it should be, and there are plenty of pitfalls as such.  Here are some common issues and my floral suggestions for each. 

You can't get going.

Blackberry is helpful when you have the big idea and can't figure out where to start.  You procrastinate, you beat around the bush, you just can't get something tangible in the works. It helps translate grand schemes into specific plans of action. Blackberry vines push up through rocks and hard earth; they are all about the breakthrough! It's also a strengthener for your voice.

Tansy is another anti-procrastination essence. This one tends to help the most when we get overwhelmed by external stuff swirling.  If your circumstances are chaotic, Tansy will provide some empowerment to jump back in rather than backing away.

You have Imposter Syndrome

If you're caught in a comparison trap, or you have thoughts wondering why anyone should listen to you, or what you could add to what's already out there, have some Buttercup.  It helps you recognize your unique slant on the subject, and see your gifts and abilities more favorably.  It helps you to not judge yourself by conventional standards and lends the confidence to step out as is in all your glory.

Your self-expression is rocky.

Calendula flower essence fosters warm, sensitive communication. It also helps us to recognize the creative nature of our words, and therefore is an aid to writers, speakers, teachers and prayer warriors.

Cosmos helps the very deep thinking intuitive introverts to sort and bring the information to the surface. For those who have difficulty communicating their ideas and beliefs in a clear, cohesive manner, Cosmos helps put it in order so you can speak with authority and confidence. Often these individuals gain conceptual understanding from higher realms, and they are tasked with breaking it down and putting it into words. Many times this entails building from previous inspiration which needs to brought out as a precursor for others to begin to understand. Cosmos is a very practical factor in these challenges and helps the speaker not to be so caught up in the chaos that they can't connect to further inspiration.

It's a lot of information

Shasta Daisy helps you see how everything fits together into the big picture. It helps you pull pieces of disconnected information, ideas and concepts together into a cohesive whole. Excellent for writers, researchers, and teachers who need to produce comprehensive, understandable presentations. It's also perfect for multi-taskers and anyone who has to keep track of lots of projects or information.

You can't focus.

White Chestnut stops excessive mental chatter, repetitive or obsessive thought patterns that can rob you of focusing on the topic or task at hand. White Chestnut is like a mental organizer, installing calm and peace by bringing the right thoughts to the forefront at appropriate times.

Habanero brings clarity when there is mental fogginess, absentmindedness, forgetfulness or inability to focus.

Peppermint helps bring clarity to those who have trouble concentrating when tired, especially for the post-lunch slump.

Your voice isn't coming through.

Trumpet Vine turns up the volume on your personality, and is an overall aid to communication in any form or fashion.  It's helpful for anyone trying to teach or explain a difficult concept. 

You have trouble putting yourself out there.

Violet strengthens the introverts, the shy ones, the so-called “shrinking violets.” There is a tension one has to maintain, as an introvert, between sharing one’s self and one’s gift to the world with the downtime and solitude needed to develop those things in private. The flower is typically the reproductive apparatus of a plant; violets are the exception - sort of. It puts out the showy “ta da!” flower that we all love, but it has few if any seeds. The real reproduction goes on beneath the leaf canopy, with unseen and petal-less flowers full of seeds. This is reflective of the way violet personalities can best function. The outward flower for the rest of us to love and delight in, yet protecting the most important developments until they are ready to be unleashed. For this reason violet is great not only for the shy, but the artists, writers and others who desire privacy during creation yet also need to feel safe enough to share their work.

You need sustainable creativity.

Indian Paintbrush is a stimulator of creativity, passion, vision and self-expression. It’s useful to jump start the creative process but also to see it through. It helps us to meet our own needs during intense times where we tend to overlook basic things like eating and rest because we are busy doing our thing! We are all creative beings whether we consider ourselves artists or not. Indian Paintbrush will make you a sustainable one.

When it's the content itself...

Sometimes it's not the act of writing, but what you're writing about that trips you up. I made a custom combo for someone who wanted to write about some very personal content which involved going back and getting reacquainted with some emotional trauma. The point, of course, was to help others in similar situations.  She needed a ton of courage to go some dark places. Here's what that looked like. 

Borage flower essence is excellent to lift heavy hearts and encourage the user. Its action is strengthening and supportive, allowing one to trust in higher guidance. It imbues optimism, gladness, courage and enthusiasm. Borage should be used for any situation that is difficult to face, or when you’re feeling disheartened or discouraged. Borage is a great heart remedy, opening you to feel greater levels of love and compassion.

Black-eyed Susan is the classic anti-repressor. It is a powerful essence for unlocking areas of old trauma, or painful areas that we’ve walled off ourselves. Black-eyed Susan lends us the courage to go deep within and release those things, which have been trapped in our subconscious. This essence will bring light into the darkest areas, helping you to identify and shed hurts and burdens.

Calendula flower essence fosters warm, sensitive communication, helps us to recognize the creative nature of our words, and therefore is an aid to writers, speakers, teachers and prayer warriors. Calendula is especially indicated during relationship work, and for anyone whose livelihood depends upon their ability to communicate with warmth and compassion.

Catalpa is a deep heart healer that can be effective either for present wounding or old childhood pain that persists. For children and adults who are going through divorce or separation, or dealing with a death, Catalpa is a comforter and a reassurance that they are worthy of love, and that love is a force they can never truly be separated from.

Gaillardia’s essence is that of a survivor. Part firewheel, part security blanket, Gaillardia helps us shift from trauma to peace, comfort and a quick regrouping to a new path or focus. Gaillardia doesn’t make light of what you’ve been through, as some essences almost have an “erasing” quality. Gaillardia seems to empower you to stand unwavering in the face of opposition or trials with strength.

Love-Lies-Bleeding flower essence helps us to face and to transmute pain and suffering. Love-Lies-Bleeding doesn't downplay or take away the pain, but it enables you to move past over-personal identification and isolation, to understand the greater meaning and purpose of such an experience. Usually, when one uses Love Lies Bleeding, they are able to experience the circumstances differently, and realize they are not alone in their suffering. In this way, their circumstances become a catalyst and a vehicle for helping others. 

Moonbeam Coreopsis is an excellent essence to use during recuperation, whether it's post-operative, emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual. It facilitates heart rebuilding and depth of the healing process that goes beyond the obvious. This is an essence that energetically wraps around you and gives you a reassuring hug, helping you receive healing on a deeper level.

All of these essences are available as individual flower essences, or I can combine up to seven of them for you in one bottle as a Custom Combo.

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Flower Essences for writers


Founder of Freedom Flowers, Seneca has a strong understanding of frequencies found in nature and how they bring healing to the spiritual, emotional and thus, the physical body. She understands that humanity often shuts down in defense of pain or violation, and she knows what to offer to “unlock” areas that have become dormant over time. Seneca has a burning desire to bring healing to our issues in a gentle and natural way.

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