March 13, 2016

Just Released Vision Quest Flower Essence

Vision Quest is a sight aid on so many levels.  It's for your spiritual sight as well as to help you see and understand the big picture of your life, your purpose, your unique gifts and destiny.  

Vision Quest Flower Essence may help you:

  • develop or strengthen your spiritual sight
  • get greater clarity to your purpose and destiny
  • see the big picture of how all of your gifts, experiences and skills fit together
  • move forward where you've previously been stuck
  • see the value of your gifts and abilities
  • have greater levels of confidence, joy, creativity and strength.
  • let go of the old to step into the new

As cool as this is on it's own, you'll get way more out of it if you are being intentional to dig into these areas that need work for you.  What that looks like will vary from person to person and depends on what you're after.  I have picked out three short classes that will work alongside of Vision Quest beautifully and if you choose any of them, you'll get a free bottle.  

Do you want to see visions and have spiritual experiences?

I've talked my friend Melody, a strong "seer," into having a class for this.  This is a 4 week, one on one mentoring thing, where she will help you identify your particular spiritual gifts and activate you to "see."  Also, if you have weird spiritual stuff that you don't understand, she has been my go-to person for a long time.

Do you feel like your purpose is in business, but don't know what to start?

This class is by me and includes 5 modules plus a 30 minute intuitive reading mp3 done by Melody (above).  I have noticed over the last few years, my inability to withhold giving business tips to everybody I come in contact with. Apparently I'm not just a flower essence person, I really like business too.

I believe the perfect business is out there for you. I think that because I have my weird little biz that combines everything I love. When I was a kid, I loved flowers. So I thought I should be a florist. But I also loved animals, so I thought I needed to be a vet or zoologist. Then I thought I wanted to be a writer and I freelanced for 6 years. I got really into natural health care and started looking into naturopathy.

Those were the normal conclusions to come to right? But I have managed to combine all of that stuff into Freedom Flowers and then some.

My point is, it's ok to like a lot of things. It will make what you do different, and weird, and awesome! It's all these pieces that combine into one unique business that is yours and nobody else's to do. The degree to which you can incorporate all those things, is the degree to which you'll feel fulfilled.

None of these classes are huge commitments, although there is homework for each little class.  All are designed to take about a month to get through.  Mine you can take as long as you need.  I am hoping to eventually offer classes to go with each Bouquet Blend so that you can choose to get the most out of your efforts for self-improvement.  And if you're taking a separate class on a different topic, maybe consider flower essences to help you get the most out of your class! 

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Founder of Freedom Flowers, Seneca has a strong understanding of frequencies found in nature and how they bring healing to the spiritual, emotional and thus, the physical body. She understands that humanity often shuts down in defense of pain or violation, and she knows what to offer to “unlock” areas that have become dormant over time. Seneca has a burning desire to bring healing to our issues in a gentle and natural way.