A Simple, Interactive Method for Restoring Your Spiritual Inheritance

​By Alice Briggs

I was one of the lucky ones who got to try out the 528 essence before it was released. In my inner healing practice, I help people do quite a bit of bloodline cleansing, or generational work. I’ve also been learning more about the creative power that we have to speak life to our DNA, especially when it’s been damaged because of our life choices or the choices of those in our bloodlines before us. So, I was very interested to see what this essence would do. I was hoping that it would assist and accelerate the process of healing in my life as well as in the lives of my clients.

If you’re not familiar with generational work, or bloodline cleansing, let me briefly explain. For some reason, some of the things that our ancestors did during their lives causes blocks or hinderances in not only their lives, but in the lives of their children, and the generations that follow.

The most clear examples of this are physical issues and behavioral patterns that are very common in the bloodline. For example, all or most of the men in a family may have problems with anger; or perhaps most of the women have heart issues. Generational work, or bloodline cleansing, is a process by which you find out what the roots are of these issues, deal with them, and gain a greater level of freedom and wholeness.

There are quite a few ways that I’ve heard of to do this, and several that I have used personally, and assisted others in. I believe that I have another possibility that you could use because of a recent experience that I’ve had. It seems to be a pattern of sorts that others can follow as well. As I said, I was taking the 528 essence.

One night, I had this dream:

I went down into my Grandma’s basement (this is my father's mother). There was someone with me, but I’m not sure what we were doing. Then, there was something behind a doorway that was trying to get through. I wasn’t sure if it should be out or what.

I woke up thinking the dream was something about my DNA or bloodline. Typically, I will write down any dreams that I have in the morning as soon as I can when I wake up. Then, while sipping on my tea, I will sit quietly and listen for Creator’s voice. I was very curious about this dream, so it didn’t surprise me that he had something to say about it.  What did surprise me was that he took me into a vision and we went back to the doorway I saw in the dream. This is basically what occurred in the vision:

Jesus takes me and we go back down into the basement where I was in my dream. I see the boarded over doorway, and can see the door moving because of something pushing on it. In my dream, I was afraid, and uncertain. Now, I feel a bit nervous because I don’t know what to expect but I have more of a sense that there’s something good behind this door. Jesus puts his arm around my shoulders as we get near the door. It’s in a dark hallway, but he has brought a light. And then, there are several angels who surround us as well, and they are all carrying torches. The angels themselves seem to be glowing brighter than the torches that they carry. When they get into place, they raise the torches up and it’s as light as if we are outside at noon on a cloudless day.

Jesus squeezes my shoulder, and I turn my attention back to the door. I can see now that there are things written on the boards that are across the entrance to the door. The first one says “fear”. I pray, confessing and repenting on behalf of my bloodline for buying into the fear and placing the board on that door. I pull off the board, and I hand it to Jesus. As soon as it is in his hands, his blood washes over it, and “LOVE” is written on it. He gives the board back to me, and I set it next to the door propped on the wall. We do the same thing for all of the boards: shame to peace and joy; religious poverty to abundance without bondage; hiddenness to visibility; weakness to power, strength, and authority; confusion to wisdom, revelation, and knowing the times and seasons.

When all the boards are removed and transformed, I can see that there is some dust covering the door. Jesus hands me a brush, and I begin to brush down the door and the jamb. I carefully work from top to bottom, and when I get to the bottom, an angel takes the brush and hands me a broom and dust pan. I sweep all of the dust into it and had it back. I look at the door, and it is very old. It appears to be richly carved, and has metal bands wrapping it that seem to be integral to the hinges.

Jesus hands me a hammer and some nails, and I nail up the boards around the casing of the door in the order that they are stacked. Starting at the bottom right then bottom left, top right, top left, and over all LOVE. I hand the hammer back, and see that there is a key now in the lock. But first, I ask for some anointing oil. I’m given what seems to be paste wax. So, I wax the door and its surroundings until it has a soft sheen. As I do so, the carvings become colored. 

I turn to Jesus, and ask if it’s time to open the door. He nods his head, a smile lurking about his mouth and eyes. I take a deep breath, and grasp the key. I realize at this time, that the door hadn’t been moving since just after I arrived with Jesus and the angels. I turn the key, pull the latch, and open the door. It opens outwards. It’s as if I can feel the contents take a sigh of relief. I look at Jesus, and he is grinning at me. He gestures for me to go inside, and I do so.

I’m amazed at what I see. The angels come in, and stand in places that appear to have been created for them at the pillars of what looks to be a great hall. Not super large, but beautiful with niches along the walls. I begin to walk down the gallery and look at the niches. It’s like walking down the timeline of my family. The earliest ones don’t have much in them. Jesus speaks for the first time, “Your earliest ancestors walked more closely with us. They used all that they were given, and were faithful to pass the blessings on to their children after them. Because of the increasing darkness and greater distance from us, some of the subsequent generations began to leave things behind. Sometimes, those after them, would come back and pick things up, but still some was left. And, sometimes, the things couldn’t be passed on because they would not have been a blessing to the person they were due to pass to.”

I continue around the room, feeling like I’m to get an overview of what’s there. There are some niches that have a lot in them, that are 2-3 niches from the end, or rather, back to the front at the door. The room is rectangular, but I’m just looking to my left as we walk along, so I’ve made a U turn in a way. The next few are empty. I look more closely in the very next one, because the end ones seem dark, not in a bad way, but as if they are waiting for their time. The one just before them feels very much alive. I start to ask if I can have angels to help, and I see that there are many who look like movers standing at the ready.

Jesus laughs, “Yes, you can!”

I turn to the angels, and ask, “Will you please move all of the items from all of the alcoves into this alcove, please? Or at least, as many as are able to be moved.”

Jesus takes my hand, and we stand and watch for a little while. The angels are amazingly fast, and soon nearly everything is moved into the current alcove. The jar of pearls from way back has not been moved. After the angels are finished, Jesus takes me over to the jar. He says, “There are some things that only one of that bloodline can pull into present availability. If you are willing, please move all of the rest that you find. It is not too much for you.”

I go back to the first alcove and search it carefully. I find a few loose coins, tools, and gems. There are some things that I don’t know what they are. Jesus hands me a bag, and I carefully place each item into it. I examine each crack, crevice, and corner. I ask for, and receive, a broom and dust pan again and I sweep the entire alcove down from top to bottom and back to front. Even the dust I scoop up and put into the bag. I then take the bag over to the current alcove, and place it on a spot left for it. I go to each alcove and do the same. If there are larger items in there, I carry them over first, like the jar of pearls. As I move from niche to niche, the angels standing at the entrance to them moves over to the current niche. It’s like I’m watching myself in fast motion. There are what look like flower essences in some, and jars of paint in some…things that I am particularly drawn to. But, I put them on the shelves in their places the same as with all of it. Some of the coins that I find are very curious…some are much heavier than they should be for their size. When I hold one in my hand, I can see a vision of it multiplying. I think that these are not wealth itself, but the ability to create wealth.

I get all the way around the room, there really isn’t a lot that the angels left for me to do, just a few things in each niche. Now there are several angels grouped throughout the current niche, not just standing at the opening. The niche seems to have expanded, and become almost a room like the one the niche is a part of. Everything is organized and arranged in a manner so that it is easy to access. There are gaps in between sections where the angels stand to illuminate the contents around them. I go in the room, and see how it is all arranged. Jars are in one section, neatly labeled, boxes in another. The art supplies are separated somewhat by kind, but there are also what appear to be kits. The chests are stacked with like kinds together. There are rather a lot of them! I make my way around the whole room, and then I notice that it has expanded, and that there is now a large table in the middle. I see packages wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine that shimmers and glows. I see one with my name on it and all of our family from Grandma’s line. I stand there somewhat puzzled.

I turn to Jesus, and ask, “Am I to do something with these packages?” Looking back at the table, I find that there are many more, and for most of them I don’t know the people to whom they belong. I’m seeing that there are other angels who are pulling stuff off the shelves, out of jars and trunks, and putting them into these packages. But, the supply on the shelves does not seem to diminish at all. I laugh at my own surprise. Of course there is no lack in heaven!

I stand at the opening of the niche and raise my hands. Jesus hasn’t answered, and yet I somehow know what I need to do. I begin to declare, “I release all of this inheritance from the spirits of poverty and lack under which they have been hidden. I release each of these packages to their rightful owner or keeper or steward to be given whenever God decides. May they be a blessing in every way. I call forth my family line into its destiny as a member of Abraham’s family. May we carry the blessings of Abraham well. May we steward what we are given well, and share in its increase.”

I see many packages raise up and zoom off. Mine comes to me, and is absorbed into my belly. The vision fades to the sound of Jesus laughing and the angels cheering.

Your turn...

I believe that this can be used as a template of sorts to not only go and clean out things from our bloodlines, but also to reinstate the blessings of our ancestors. I’ll outline what I believe to be the process, but please follow Creator’s lead, and that of His Spirit. They certainly know more about what needs to happen in your bloodline than I do!

One thing before I begin with the template, is that when I am doing bloodline work, I am always asking for the most that I can do on my behalf and on behalf of all who have been impacted by this thing. I’m not sure how far my authority goes either deep or wide, but I do know that Creator’s heart is to set people free. Therefore, I feel comfortable that I am praying along with His will for everyone. I am not responsible for the choices that any in my family make, only my own. However, I believe that what happens for others in my bloodline, is that by removing or at least reducing the weight of these generational issues, I create windows of opportunity for them to make better choices.

I begin with prayer:

Creator, I ask that you would be with the person reading and deciding to jump in and partner with you to cleanse their bloodline and pull family blessings into this plane. I ask that you would lead them and guide them through this process and that you would speak to their hearts and minds just what they need to hear. You are Wisdom and Truth, and we will follow your lead.

  1. Take note of any dreams that are suggestive of the need to deal with generational issues. This is the perfect place to start.
  2. Ask: Creator, which grandparent’s bloodline would you like to address this time?
  3. Ask: Creator, please show me the door that holds the inheritance of this bloodline.
  4. What, if anything, is blocking the door? Are there words on boards like in my vision? If so, these seem to be the things that have hindered the access to this door. Break them off and ask Creator to replace them with the opposite. This is a sample prayer that you can pray: Creator, on behalf of myself and all in this bloodline, I ask you to forgive us for _____. We are sorry for buying into ___ (or believing the lie that, or whatever is appropriate). We ask that you take this away from us, and forgive us for this. Please give us ___ in exchange (the positive opposite) and help us to be good stewards of ____ (the positive opposite). Thank you. Repeat for each of the blockages on the door. Mine were boards, but that may not be exactly the case for you.
  5. Once all the blocks are removed, then see if there is anything else that you need to do before you can open the door. Or perhaps it will open on its own.
  6. When the door is open, go inside and see what you see. It seems that each era of the family is represented by a division of the room some how. Your room may not look like mine, but look for some indication of the current or accessible area and other areas that are not accessible.
  7. Of the things that have not been accessible, ask Creator to tell you what you can do to make them accessible to those of this bloodline who are able to use them well. Do what he tells you. There may be a particular gift that he would like to give to you. I believe that this part will be the most unique to each individual.

This is not a quick process, and at each of these points, Creator may take you off on a tangent, or in a different direction altogether. You can do this on your own, or with a friend or someone who can act as a guide. Sometimes, it is difficult to gain clarity on what needs to be done when we try to do so on our own, and it’s helpful to work with someone else.

I believe that the 528 essence will be very helpful in this process. If you take it, pay careful attention to any dreams or visions that you might have that indicate a need for generational or bloodline healing. I hope that you find this helpful, and I would love to hear your experiences before, during, and after.

May the Lord bless you and guard you

May the Lord make his face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you

May the Lord lift up His face unto you and give you peace -

Numbers 6:23-26

-Alice Briggs

My turn...

Seneca here. When Alice sent me her vision, I immediately got jealous, picked a Grandma and found my door. I didn't wait for her to develop this instructional template.  Alice’s experience was a spontaneous one prompted by a dream and then she was taken into a vision, but you can step into this at will by using a cleansed imagination, with or without using the DNA essence.

Keep in mind that you were created to have an imagination, and you can use it in a positive way by yielding it to the Spirit of Truth. I like to pray and hand over my spiritual eyes, ears and imagination to the Spirit of Truth as well as my own agendas, and invite him to deposit visions like a daydream in me before starting something like this. Then I step by faith into an imagination process, and suspend any analytical activity until it’s over.

This is a little different than using visualization to manifest things. Here we are attempting to shelve our own agendas and desires and yield the vision to God.  In this way, we are able to see beyond what we can think or imagine.  If your norm is doing Law of Attraction style visualization, this may be a bit challenging at first for you.  This is letting a vision happen vs making it happen.  If you have a rocking chair, use it because the rocking motion will alter your brain wave state to make spiritual info easier to access.  You've all seen the Orthodox Jews rocking out at the wall right?  You may have to tell your desires to stand down for the session as well. 

Generally I’m laboring a bit in the beginning and then I hit a flow where it takes on a life of it’s own. You know you’re not making it all up if you get surprised, so look for the surprises. 😉 If you need some one on one help with this, you can Skype with Alice.

If you see something dark or disturbing, stop, go back to prayer and ask for your eye gates to be cleansed.  We all accumulate stuff in our psyche and sometimes it comes up at inappropriate times, however that's good because you're sitting still long enough to take care of it. You might also tell any negative entities to leave.  Wait for the peace/Jesus/angels etc before you proceed again. ​

Here’s my experience.

I prayed over which side of the family to do, and picked a Grandma. I had trouble reading the boards on the door. I could see the first one really easily, and it was layered cross ways over the rest of them, like it was the main overarching thing and you couldn't get to the others until you dealt with it except a couple at the bottom which were unrelated and their own issue.

The main board was fear, and the second, doubt. Then I had trouble reading the rest and could see the first few letters of things (even though I had taken the first two boards off one at a time.) I stayed there and kept after it and got them one by one.

They were fairly interesting things I had never considered, and had to look them all up to really be sure exactly what the meaning was and how best to pray. “Pretense, cowardice, classism and protectiveness.” I didn't nail my boards back up, just handed all of it to Jesus, prayed in the redemptive side and the door flew open.

Mine was more like underground caves I guess, with built in structures but not a linear hallway so much as a central area with little rooms and enclaves going off in all directions. I could see portraits of ancestors hanging up.

I went to one little area that was closest and there was not much there, but there was a money bag and a couple other items that I don't remember now. (I don’t write while I’m in it like Alice does.)

The money was explained as repayment for things that were stolen, as in the 7 fold return but for whatever reason, the ancestor was not able to receive it. There was a self-portrait of Van Gogh which confused me.

I wanted to look around more but for some reason was stuck and couldn't go anywhere. I say so and Jesus yanks me by the hand off in a different direction into a red lavish room that looks like a honeymoon suite. "This is for greater intimacy with me" he says.

I like it but not so much the location. (I was not feeling the basement thing so much as the underground tomb vibe, and I did not want to come back down there.) He says "This can all be resurrected." I verbally released the dunamis resurrection power into all the tomb contents. I declare one of these rooms in all of our families houses and realize right away I have overstepped and correct myself. Instead, I release opportunities for greater intimacy and greater frequency of these types of encounters to my family.

Jesus puts a sapphire necklace on me, says something about how this is not pretense, this is real and I am to wear it. I also now notice I am wearing a bright yellow chiffon dress and flat brown sandals similar to my yellow petal skirt. From there I am unstuck and go into a bigger room full of stuff. There is more jewelry, which I take to be symbolic of spiritual gifts, and lots of containers of stuff. I don't inspect, I ask angels to haul.

Then Jesus is pulling me down a hallway again past some writing desks and old typewriters which he explains are too old for now and we need to find me something better. We go into a room with a large room size screen which is a monitor, like an actual monitor which transcribes everything you do. So I dance in front of it and do weird stuff. This is part of the pretense antidote, which is transparency and authenticity. I understand that I will be seen more publicly now and feel the gravity and necessity of being myself.

I go into another room and there is nothing there but a broom and a dust pan. He says, "Yes, this one was swept clean. They knew how to come in and take a portion but they didn't go everywhere.”

The next room is a library. Floor to ceiling although a small room. I understand that most is reference material and many have to do with plants. I pull a green book off the shelf and hug it. Then I get the nerve to look at it because I am hopeful. Its the Book of Noah and I squeal and hug it more. I can't believe it though and think I may have made this up because I wanted it so badly. I'm handing books to angels, loading their arms but nobody is getting my Book of Noah.

I think that is the last room and most of the stuff was in the large room that I didn't inspect. I copy Alice’s prayer at the end because I really like it and have no other ideas or direction other than my resurrecting it all earlier. It ends with things moving up through the ground and sort of materializing in this plane.

If you try this, let me know how it goes!  I'll link some helpful resources down below.  

Accessing Your Spiritual Inheritance - ​This is the book that came out of this blog post by Alice Briggs, Del Hungerford and Seneca Schurbon.  We simplified the above template, gave lots more examples and training on how to "see" as well as some other helpful things pertaining to your generational line.  You can pick it up for 3.99 on Amazon.

Alice Briggs - Emotional and Spiritual Healing.com can help you walk through some of this if you get hung up.  ​

Vision Quest Flower Essence - we've talked at length about the 528 here, but if you need help activating your spiritual sight, this is an option.

Supernatural Lessons - This is Del's site, who made the 528 essence.  She teaches how to engage with the spirit realm, like what we're doing in this exercise. ​

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