July 14, 2017

Finding Soul Fragments in Your Dreams

(This is a shortened up version of a chapter I wrote in Broken To Whole: Inner Healing For the Fragmented Soul.)

The most common way I become aware of or interact with parts is in dreams. Because our conscious minds have made a point of burying certain emotions and events, our dream life is a prime way for them to come to the surface.

Common Indicators

We can either dream from the part's point of view or from our Core personality's point of view. Because parts can live in various internal structures, sometimes these will come out via a dream, such as a house that isn't your actual house, castle, dungeon, cave or cavern, underground places, city, or a magical place. These types of constructs are real in another dimension and therefore, do not necessarily need to be symbolically interpreted.

The less obvious situations are when the Core self is dreaming, and we are interacting with one or more of our fragments in a dream. We tend to see them as friends, helpers, people you sense but don't see, or if you see them, they have some similarity to you or your circumstance.

Many dream interpretation resources state that the unknown people that you can't see are angels, which can be true. However, I'm here to a throw a wrench into that generalization and say that isn't always the case. Many parts are created to protect you so that they can appear in very similar dream circumstances, much like angels. However, parts tend to be more alarmist and are not known for accurate judgment in situations.

That friend in your dream might also represent a piece of you rather than the actual person. I have dreams of vague friends, people I don't know but who are my friend in the dream, as well as existing friends who show up in dreams. Many times, the meaning of their name indicates their purpose. For instance, if I'm in a situation where my friend Mary and I are fighting with my mother over something, I might look up the meaning of Mary, see that it means ‘bitter,’ and realize that I have a part that's formed around bitterness. Other times, the meaning might relate to the attributes or the occupation of that friend.

You will almost always experience some tip off if you know to look for it to determine if that other person in your dream is a part. The most obvious is when it's another you. I've never been so lucky as to have such a blatant experience, but a couple of my friends have. I have had a dream where an anonymous "friend" and I were dressed alike in layered clothing. Then, a trigger situation happened, and we split up.

Multiple Fragments Dream:

You can also have multiple fragments in a dream. Here's an example. In one of my dreams, my trigger situation comes up. This fragment's MO is always to hide. I want to disappear, fade away, or not exist. But instead, I am sitting down to eat at this table, which I know is 2,000 years old. I'm honored and can feel the worn texture of the surface. I remember thinking, “Man, this table has seen some stuff!” The “stuff” represents everybody's issues. I knew there was an energetic record of all of it.

Others come and sit down with me on the same side, and I believe that they are fragments, less formed ones that are in some way attached to this situation. These fragments were very thin, almost 2D. The person who hurt me came, sat down with food, and we had a conversation. I then realized I might have misread the situation. I was still a little skeptical, but then, I realized that this was the Last Supper table; this was communion, the meal that heals, and all of this was about to go to the cross. This entire scenario played out in slow motion over the next few days.

Another clue for me has been when I'm trying to figure out someone's identity in the dream. Activity will be going on, and I keep looking at the person and trying to get them to tell me who they are. Sometimes I get names; mostly, I get weird answers. I have permission to share an example dream snippet from a client with you. It seems to go nicely with Sam's "storage cubby" analogy in Chapter 1, which is that some parts are merely places where we stuff emotions that we can't deal with, rather than having fully formed alternate personalities.

Cheryl's Dream

"On a table were these oddly shaped boxes. I asked them their names. One responded, “I am the one that can't seem to love me for who I am.” I didn't catch the name of the other one, but it became a person, and I had it bound so that it couldn't harm me. The person was a young girl in a dress that was rather worn with her hair in a pixie cut. I had hair like that from age eight to ten."

If you do not see a resolution in the dream itself in any of your dream scenarios, consider that your cue to intentionally address the situation via techniques in our book. The characters and situations in your dreams are a point of connection for you to tune into and bring healing.

Dream from the first night I took "Fragment Finder" flower essence.

There were two different scenario dreams. In the first, I was outside a church; in the second, I was at some Christian event. In the first, I saw a sign on the outside of a church rejecting a certain man named Francis. All of the reasons for rejecting him, including judgmental comments, were written for all to see with an attached note that said not to remove the list. Both scenarios involved a public shaming and rejection. I was angry at this and thought that it was gossip and slander. I knew I could not stay mad and that I had to forgive. I went upstairs to my old room in mom's house. I was younger at this point in the dream, and in the room across the hall was the boy, Francis, who had been kicked out. I went and sat down on the floor in my messy room. I watched as he came into the hallway between our rooms and lay on the floor, wanting to be closer to me.

Since I am purposely taking “Fragment Finder,” and because the above scenario is extremely close to home emotionally speaking, I know this is a dream with content to show me how to heal. Interestingly, Francis is a family name, so this might have a generational aspect to it as my family has never done well in the organized church. (Sordid story here.) Here, "Francis" wants to connect with me, so I need to employ some of the techniques in this book as well as forgive and let go of anger.

At times, I also interact with other people's fragments in dreams. Here's an example of how that interaction works.

Michael's Alternate Dimension

I was sitting across the table from Michael, the co-author of our book. In the dream, I know it is not actually him, but rather a fragment-version of him, and no one else seems to pick up on this. I say, "Hello, who are you?" The fragment is not sure and is confused about where he is and why. I hold out my hand and introduce myself. I tell him that I might have an idea of what is happening here. I ask him if he knows who Michael is. He stated he thought that the name sounded familiar, but he wasn't sure why or how. I explained the process of dissociation and asked this part if he could forgive the real version of himself. He asked a couple clarifying questions, and we discussed the subject further. He decided to forgive. Then, I asked him if he knew Jesus Christ, at which point I was yanked backward out of my chair, and that was the end of the dream.

Interestingly enough, prior to having that dream, Michael had a series of fragment-dreams all in one night, the very first night he used one of the main components of the “Fragment Finder” essence. Each dream depicted a fragment either coming to terms with his reality and experiences or fighting dark forces that were out to harm them. In one dream, the fragment was explaining to a group of people that he only had two weeks' worth of memories but that he knew all sorts of factual and scientific information due to sharing memories with other versions of himself that existed in other dimensions. What was fascinating about this particular dream was that the fragment was conscious that he had other counterparts in other dimensions as well as the fact that these parts were able to share knowledge and information.

The whole chapter discusses more dream examples, watching other people's fragments integrate and a gamut of other stuff that can happen in your sleep.  The rest of the book gives you the healing techniques for when you find a fragment in your dream, as well as lots to do if you don't dream.  

Get it here.

Forwarning: Kind of "out there" Christian content. You can read the first five chapters via the "look inside" feature or download a sample to see if it's your cup of tea.



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finding soul fragments in your dreams


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