July 13, 2016

The Sensitive Insomniac

There are, and I'm not exaggerating much when I say "a bajillion" reasons that people get insomnia. However, I've never seen nor heard anyone talk about this before.

What I'm talking about is when you have someone in your personal space such as sharing a bed. "Personal space" has been a cute term for what really happens, which is that two different energy fields overlap or merge, and to some sensitives, it can actually be perceived as a low level attack.

Not being the most energetically aware person, I notice this as having a hard time sleeping next to my husband at times. If I get up and go to the couch or guest room, I feel peace and can go to sleep quickly. In this case, my insomnia is not even due to my own state!

For people who are sensitive to other people's negative energy or emotional states and have the wherewithal to recognize the source of these feelings, a common coping strategy is the tendency to try and fix everyone around you so that you can feel better. This can run you ragged and is sometimes a thankless job, so let's see about some alternatives.

Better Boundaries

Yarrow flower essence has a long history of setting energetic boundaries. Yarrow Shield (samples here) is a blend of four different Yarrows along with a couple other flowers for multi-purpose energetic protection. It doesn't diminish empathetic abilities, yet is protective and separates your emotions from everyone else's.

Set an Atmosphere

We have started playing music from Healing Frequencies Music in the bedroom at night. A playlist with all the albums lasts through the night and changes the atmosphere so whatever energy we come in with gets shifted.

Exactly how many people are in bed with you?

I was working with a customer last week who was having trouble sleeping due to an extra presence attached to her husband.  What had happened was her husband's girlfriend (I assume before they got together) had an abortion that he was not in agreement with.  He never released the child, and now there is a 20 year old young man with him every where he goes. ​

So let's talk soul ties! A soul tie is exactly what it sounds like, a deep connection to another on a soul level. These can be healthy or unhealthy, depending, and ties can last longer than they should. Soul ties can occur as a result of sex, close friendship, parent/child relationship, rituals, and vows, commitments or agreements.

I believe there can be an energy exchange operating within a soul tie that is not limited by distance. Hearing the person's voice in your head, or being able to "tune in" to how they're doing at any time is an indicator of a soul tie, though not necessarily an unhealthy one. Thus, if you or your bed-sharer has a soul tie, there is yet another energy brought into the mix and in the case of an unhealthy one, this goes beyond normal stress and agitation.

Unhealthy soul ties can produce confusion, emotional shut downs, obsessive or irrational thinking, detrimental attractions to people, places or things, and poor judgement to the person holding the connection.  If you're an empath in bed with someone who is going through this, you're getting it too!

You cannot break anybody else's soul tie for them. You can ask Divine Spirit to show them any ties that are hurting them or the other person and what they can do though. Most people with an unhealthy soul tie will not see it easily but Spirit has a way of revealing it tactfully.

Breaking a Soul Tie​

If you think you have an unhealthy soul tie, here's how to break it. Get rid of any tangible goods that were significant to the relationship. Love letters, old wedding rings etc are obvious things from romantic relationships. Other types of relationships will be more individual. It's not just sentimentality, these things hold memory and energy and have power to keep a tie active. If it was just stuff, we wouldn't have a hard time letting it go.

Forgive every which way you can think of.  Forgive the other person, forgive yourself, any others involved.  Note: Don't excuse any behavior.  Recognize the impact it had and forgive.​

Now you disconnect.  If are having a hard time letting go emotionally, Chicory and/or Heart Healer may help.  You are going to have to mean this.  

Declare out loud something to the effect of, " I break this soul tie between ________ and I on body, soul and spirit levels.  ​I declare the power of any commitments, contracts, agreements, dedications and vows are null and void.  I return any part of _________ that I am holding onto, back to him/her, and I take back any pieces of me that ____________ still has.  If you are in relationship with Jesus, ask for a blood barrier between you and the other person in the spirit realm, so that nothing can pass that shouldn't.  Since negative entities are generally involved in destructive soul ties, you'll want to bind those from harassing both you and the other person as well.  

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