June 11, 2018

Finding Your Muscle Testing Comfort Zone

A womans arm extended outward, palm facing down, as you would for muscle testing

Because learning to muscle test in 2-3 minutes is normative and there are so many people doing so many different things, I wanted to explain where I'm at with it and how I got to that conclusion. That way, you can draw your own and decide what you're comfortable with either as a tester, or as one who is submitting to a muscle test.

I make no claims to being right, I can't back any of this up, and my opinion is subject to change. My goal here is to get you to THINK because there are way too many people running around pumping each other's arms without holding their method up against what they believe and what they value.

At its most basic, a muscle test is the body's energy system reacting to a stimulus, causing a normally strong muscle to go slack. You need a couple of beliefs in place in order to roll with muscle testing at its least controversial level.

  1. You have stored within you, a bunch of data that your body and subconscious know, but you don't have conscious awareness of. 
  2. Every substance has its own frequency that your body can "pick up on" and know whether it's helpful or detrimental.  

We good so far? Ok, the plot thickens.

When we do a muscle test, who are we questioning?  Just like you can use a surrogate for testing, you can address different parts of the person by shifting your intention. What you do as a tester probably depends on what you were taught, or assumed. 

The Subconcious

The usual is that we ask the person's subconscious. Many people use subconscious and "higher self" interchangeably. I don't believe that the subconscious is the "higher self" because it seems at times very emotionally immature and sometimes there is a bit of sabotage that doesn't feel very "higher" to me. It's also capable of lying, mostly in context of covering up a wound that it doesn't want you poking around in. What makes it wonderful, is that it's like working with a photographic memory. It catalogues everything you've ever seen or experienced. Therefore, you can ask it about womb trauma, but not about winning lotto numbers. 

The Spirit

This is more what I would consider the higher self. To be honest, I'm still working out what the human spirit knows. I do see a difference in maturity and wisdom as compared to the subconscious. There can be wounding here as well as in the subconscious, and I believe there are still limits to the types of information it has. Still, it should have everything your subconscious has, possibly then some and may be more reliable to work with.

The Body

It's really common to test with supplements or foods asking the body if certain things are good or harmful. I believe the body needs to have had exposure to that thing in order to know. Most people hold the substance while being tested which I think is preferable. 

I believe when we ask beyond what the subconscious, body or spirit have answers for, we take it into the "woo realm" and the answers are sourced spiritually, therefore it ceases to be a purely energy system reaction and you have a potential divination tool.

Remote Testing

Remote testing is when nobody is touching you, and you've got a tester using their own energy system/muscle on your behalf. This can be across a room or across the country. 

This means one of three things.

  1. Either they are sourcing from the spirit realm,
  2. or their own intuition, 
  3. or the theory about the collective unconscious is true. (The theory that everybody knows everything about every person; past, present, and future. Sort of a "we are all one" thing that seems to have been taken much farther than how Carl Jung introduced it.) I don't believe we have that level of information but do get on board with things like empathy, intuition and discernment which would be similar for this purpose although none of those require a muscle test. 

I would say that the least presumptuous way to go about this is an in-person hands on test addressing the subconscious or body with legitimate questions that the subconscious or body would know. At the opposite end would be remote testing, using spirit guides to answer what the person would not know. You need to figure out where on that spectrum your comfort zone is. 

I don’t muscle test, at least with flower essences.

I feel like people need to be heard. I could come up with all kinds of things through a muscle test, but would any of them address what the person actually came to me for? Even Jesus who knew good and well what each person’s issue was still asked what they wanted. You need a say in this, you need to be part of your own healing.

I’m faster at listening and picking. I have about 140 essences, more if we pull in things I haven’t worked out yet but could throw into a test. That’s a lot of testing. There are ways to narrow down quickly, but still... 

When I’ve muscle tested flower essences for people in the past, it’s confirmed what I already thought. So either I’m really good, or my bias is coming through. I did some blind tests to double check, but yeah the testing hasn’t felt like a worthwhile endeavor. 

You can't ask the body or subconscious about a specific flower essence if it has no data in the database for that flower frequency yet. Well, you can, you just won't be drawing the information from the client’s subconscious. They’d have to actually be there to hold the bottle, which brings me to...

Most of it would have to be remote. I feel really iffy about remote testing. For one thing it takes more skill to self-test, which I’ve not developed, and for another, it becomes spiritually sourced since I’m not buying into the collective unconscious idea. I don’t feel like it’s worth the risk, and I feel like people would really have to trust me. Thus my comfort zone is to be a good listener. 

If you are working with a practitioner who does muscle testing, feel free to ask some questions about their approach. If you draw some tighter lines than they do, ask if they'll do it your way. Most people would be happy to accommodate, and if you're not comfortable, it's probably not going to go well anyway. Having your intention aligned with theirs is valuable as well. 

Happy testing! Don't wear your arm out!

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Founder of Freedom Flowers, Seneca has a strong understanding of frequencies found in nature and how they bring healing to the spiritual, emotional and thus, the physical body. She understands that humanity often shuts down in defense of pain or violation, and she knows what to offer to “unlock” areas that have become dormant over time. Seneca has a burning desire to bring healing to our issues in a gentle and natural way.

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