Type A Personalities: Let’s Check Your Health

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There's a lot of bad stuff being said about the Type A personality. Basically, they think you're going to terrorize everyone around you until you die of a heart attack. Type A's are said to be "driven" as if that's a bad thing, and competitive overachievers while the Type B's are chill and really know how to live life. While I can see a potential to be unhealthy as a type A, (as in anything) I don't believe that changing or trying to fix your type A-ness is always a good idea.

Most experts think type A's are made, not born. They believe that type A's are a product of job stress. I'd expand that to include having parents with high expectations, lots of extracurriculars, and being shown that achievement and being productive with your time are priorities in life. People pleasing, and working to earn your place in a relationship is coming from wounding rather than a true personality trait. If type A was drilled into you through your job, and it's not your nature, or through parental pushing, then yes, it will be damaging if you don't take steps toward balance.

I do believe that some people are happy being busy. True Type A's that are born, not made. It looks like enthusiasm and zeal along with the usual drivenness and intensity. They want to do ALL THE THINGS.

Some people are designed to go turbo through life - to an extent. We all need downtime and rest. Being able to downshift is necessary. If you are a type A, can you relax? How do you feel when you have downtime? Antsy? Guilty? Do you only see everything you haven't done yet? Antsy is probably normal, guilty is not a good sign. 

Some Red Flags Indicating Unhealthy Type A

  • Shame/guilt/self-rejection
  • Getting self-worth from achievement.
  • You're hard on yourself when you mess up
  • You carry a lot of physical tension
  • Getting discouraged when comparing self to others

If you suspect you're into an unhealthy zone, take a look at Peak Performance and see if it looks relevant for you.  If you think you're a true Type A, feel free to own it, make no apologies and stop trying to be a B. 

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