Flower Essences For Autism

Little girl sitting alone on the floor with her back to the camera.

Autism is a complex mental social and behavioral disorder. It’s broad which is why the word spectrum is used, so when I’m asked about flower essences for autism, it’s challenging for me who likes to give simple nutshell answers. Truth be told, I tend to ignore labels and focus on how whatever it is a […]

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Flower Essence Gift Guide

Red gift with green bow on a white wood background

Gifts can be a great way to introduce friends and family to flower essences or help them expand their collection of essences. Here’s some ideas of what to give your essence loving friend or your soon-to-be essence loving friend. Or maybe even some ideas to add to your own wishlist. Starter Gift SetThe starter gift set […]

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Be Your Own Dosage Guru

wise woman with daisy crown

The nuances of flower essence dosage is one of the main questions I get asked. It’s why I highly suggest you sign up for the free mini course if you haven’t yet. The people who are informed are the ones who get the best results often because they know how to tweak their dosage for […]

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Can I Use Flower Essences If I Have Allergies?

Girl with mask standing by goldenrod

The short answer is yup. Unless you have a reaction to alcohol or latex you can use any essence. Long AnswerWhen you’re looking at the different flowers that make up a blend, and you know that you’re allergic to Goldenrod, and Goldenrod is listed as an ingredient, what that actually means is that the frequency of […]

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Finding Your Muscle Testing Comfort Zone

A womans arm extended outward, palm facing down, as you would for muscle testing

Because learning to muscle test in 2-3 minutes is normative and there are so many people doing so many different things, I wanted to explain where I’m at with it and how I got to that conclusion. That way, you can draw your own and decide what you’re comfortable with either as a tester, or […]

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Essences and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder)

I’m going to try and briefly unpack how flower and other essences work with people who have DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder. Dissociation is a spectrum with full-blown DID at one end and the normal spacing out we all do from time to time at the other. You don’t […]

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